13 Mar

Why should you care your ends

Once you think about all the things that your hair has to go through all day long, it’s easy to understand how important it is to take care of your hair on a daily basis. Besides being exposed to environmental elements and pollution, your hair often undergoes many manipulations, heat tools, combing, and cleansing, etc. Since the ends of hair, especially very long hair, can be years old extra special care and handling should be used to protect them. In the article today, you will find out how significant it is to take care your hair ends.

Why should you care your ends1

True be told, the longer your hair, the longer it takes for your scalp’s natural oils to reach the ends.  Besides for those who have curly hair, your natural oils have to navigate each twist and turn of the shaft which means it will take even longer for natural moisture to reach the ends.  You’ll have to help your ends retain moisture to avoid brittleness.

Why should you care your ends2

A tip for you is that when it comes to conditioning step, apply your conditioner from the end to the root instead of the common mistake that a lot of people are making when they work the way down from the root. As you know, the root is the part that near the scalp which will be exposed to natural oil the most and easy to get greasy. While the hair ends often lack moisture to maintain the healthy and strong look leading to split ends, damage, dryness, and breakage. The technique of condition your hair ends a bit more than the root can balance out the amount of hydration to your hair and make it strong from the root to end.

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Why should you care your ends3

This is very important for those who want to grow our their hair because if you allow your hair to dry out, it might result in the need of trimming your hair end then leading to a major cut. After a while, it might look like your hair hasn’t grown any longer at all. That’s why you should pay more attention to your hair ends during the hair care process and even on daily basis activities.

Why should you care your ends4

At the same time, preventive hair measures will help you avoid an unwanted cut, and improve the overall health and appearance of your hair. Dry hair doesn’t only make your hair (vietnamese hair) weaker from the inside which can even get worse when you do manipulation on your hair regularly but also look bad. Putting in a little time and paying a little extra attention to your ends is the best way to keep them healthy and vibrant.  These small additions to your routine will lead to longer, stronger hair overall. If you are looking to achieve healthier hair, check out our other articles on the website.


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