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Do you guess what hair color actually matches your personality? It might not be your currently color. Whether you’re virgin hair who has never dyed their hair or you love to experiment with different cuts and colors, MCSARA will reveal the hair color that actually once and for all matches your personality. If it matches your current hair, great! If not, it might be time to contemplate a change,  don’t you think?

List of hot trend hair colors

1. White-Sand Babylights

There are two iterations of this sunny hair trend, and it depends solely on your base color and skin tone. This color will be trending, especially around the face and lighter at the ends. This icy hair color is a bit bolder but isn’t as extreme as platinum. This is great for neutral to cooler skin tones and looks great against a spray tan.

If you have warmer undertones, you can still pull off the pale blond look but you might need to warm up your base color first. Trying a creamier blond color can become your good choice.

2. Rose Gold

Rose gold hair has been popular for quite some time now, and to be honest we don’t see it dying out any time soon. It’s still one of the favorite choices among hair color trends of 2019! From Kiley Jenner to Emma Roberts, many celebrities have rocked the look.

A stunning mixture of red, pink and blonde shades created the perfect mix of rose gold hair that truly complements any skin tone and is also quite wearable. Whether you want to de all your hair or just add a few highlights to enrich your natural color, rose gold is exceptionally versatile.

3. Monotone Black

This is a tricky color that can be undeniably mysterious but it is quite difficult to fit all of the skin tones. A warm shade of black looks more natural and believable than other luxury colors, no matter your age. See our MCSARA color chart when seeking the deepest shade.

4. Sunrise Red

As a darker red on the more neutral side with flecks of copper weaved in to reflect in the sun, this sunrise red is a perfect hair color for who has a strong personality. Therefore, in the sunlight, the red will be bright and vibrant without being too copper or neon-looking.

5. Tropical Brown

It looks like mushroom brown with the neutral slightly warm shade that is a great option for medium to dark brunettes. Wearing this color can have a bit of bright warmth surround your face with no too warm feeling.

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6. Nude Balayage

This color seems strategically painted onto parts of the hair (rather than wrapped in big sections, like the foil technique), for a slightly grown-out, more natural effect. Color is softer at the top of the hair, and more saturated and concentrated through the ends. It’s best for a more grown-out, beachy, relaxed look.

7. Bright Blonde

Bright blonde is a great color to try. This warm color looks natural and effortlessly gorgeous. Bright blonde is the perfect shade if you are a brunette who wants to lighten her hair color.

8. Two-Toned

Nicki Minaj clearly couldn’t choose between platinum and pink, so she went with both, rocking platinum on one side of her middle-parted hair and a petal pink shade on the other. We stan a multitasking queen.

9. Light Blue Ombre

Light blue ombre has an especially fantastic look when you mix different shades of blue. You can add a few purple strands to improve the look even further. Keep the darker color on top and lighter on the bottom.

10. Ombré

Ombré hair shows no signs of slowing down. And there are very few rules involved. All this trendy style requires is different shades at the ends and the roots.

How to save your dying hair?

Coloring your hair is a great way to upgrade your look. With proper care methods, hair dye can last a long time. If you don’t take good care of your hair carefully, however, even the best dye job can fade quickly affecting your hair beauty. Knowing how to take care of color treated hair is important and necessary. Not only will it help the color last longer, but it will also ensure that your hair stays healthy and strong.

  • Keep up with trims
  • Avoid chlorine
  • Prepare your hair for next color process
  • Use heat protectant spray before using hot tools
  • Use suitable leave-in treatments to protect hair color when styling
  • On off days, use dry shampoo
  • Wash hair less often
  • Turn down water temperature when shampooing
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
  • Shampoo after 72 hours dying
  • Add dye to your conditioner

Another way to save your hair health is by using hair extensions. With high-quality virgin hair, MCSARA promises that will give you gorgeous hair. Come to us and enjoy!

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