18 Feb

Top 13 Best Essential Oil Types To Use

You are quite embarrassed when standing in front of countless brands of hair essential oils which are popularly advertised on the market. Here are the 13 best hair essential oil products you can refer to.

  1. Innisfree My Hair Recipe Moisturizing Oil Serum For Dry Hair

This is a conditioning oil for dry, damaged hair of Innisfree. Many of you just know about Innisfree is a Korean cosmetic brand without knowing its effective hair care products.

Main ingredients:

  • Jeju soybean complex: soy essence makes hair shiny and elastic.
  • Jeju Camellia Synergy complex: Jeju Island camellia’s flower, leave and oil extract, providing essential nutrients for hair.
  • Amini Acid: Green tea extract moisturizes hair.
  1. The Face Shop Essential Damage Care Hair Oil Serum

The Face Shop Essential Damage works well to help restore damaged hair. It is suitable for dry hair or split ends situation and nourishes soft and naturally shiny hair.

The compositions of this hair oil are extracted from coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower seed, safflower oil, jojoba seed oil. They are all “elixirs” for the hair. There are also other extracts from geraniums, lavender, jasmine that create a charming aroma, helping you relax.

  1. Kosé Cosmeport Je L’aime Relax Treatment Bounce & Airy

Kose is a famous Japanese cosmetic brand. This Kosé Cosmeport Je L’aime Relax Treatment Bounce & Airy essential oil is for anyone with oily, thin and weak hair.

Ingredients of this product up to 90% are organic plants that help replenish nutrients for the hair, restore hair in the state of hair loss from inside to make the hair strong and smooth. Typically, extracts from chamomile, peppermint, lavender essential oils, etc. both make your hair fragrant and restore hair from the core.


  • This oil does not irritate the skin.
  • Not contain silicone.
  • Target users: For oily scalp, thin, weak hair.
  1. Kosé Cosmeport Je L’aime Relax Treatment Straight & Sleek

If Cosmeport Je L’aime Relax Treatment Bounce & Airy above is for oily, thin and weak hair, Straight & Sleek is the “panacea” for those with naturally curly hair.

It also has 90% of ingredients from natural sources including fresh fruits like red grapefruit, raspberries, apples, pears, lychee… and also combined with floral scents like jasmine, lily, rose, orange, magnolia…

The longer you use it, the more you will love this hair essential oil. Because it will help your hair to shape easily, with no sclerosis and no fragrance changes.

  1. Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Essence

Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Essence is specially produced for dry, split ends hair. Especially, those who often hairstyling with damaged hair.

Used as a special remedy, it nourishes hair by penetrating the epidermis of the skin and each hair, restoring hair damage in hair follicles. It also stimulates thicker and healthier hair growth.

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Ingredients extracted from pure Argan oil helps replenish moisture to damaged hair. There are also rosehip essential oil and primrose to prevent hair breakage, making the hair soft and easy to style.

  1. Moroccanoil Treatment

This product has the effect of strengthening the hair, providing essential nutrients such as Omega 3, vitamins… These nutrients when penetrated into the hair not only restore good damaged hair but also help the hair shinier. This product is very popular and it is even among the top-selling moisturizing oils.

  1. L’Oreal Mythic Oil

The main ingredient of this product is avocado and other vitamins that help to reduce tangles, split ends, protect hair from dirt, enhance shine, and help hair strong. You will be very satisfied when using L’Oreal Mythic Oil.

  1. Rohto Megumi

This is a product of Rohto-this company surely you have known for a long time, right? Megumi line is a hair care line with ingredients extracted from ginseng roots, seaweeds, wreaths, leaf, buds and ginger roots to help hair improve hair loss, nourish hair from the inside.

This product is specifically for those who have weak or brittle hair. Should be used in combination with shampoos and conditioners for greater effectiveness.

  1. Goldwell Elixir Versatile Oil Treatment

This product will be a rescue solution for gray hair, tangled by the use of many chemicals, giving you healthy, shiny, smooth hair.

Origin: Germany

  1. Morocco Argan Oil Body & Thairapy

It has the effect of nourishing and moisturizing hair effectively, your hair will become smoother, more vibrant and healthier.

Origin: Italia

  1. Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Hair

You should refer to this product because it can completely overcome the situation of split ends, dryness, broken hair… You will no longer have to witness the scene of heavy hair shed every time you comb or lack of vitality. The essence of royal jelly, argan oil and rose essential oil contained in this product will allay those symptoms.

Made in Korea.

  1. Milaganics hair grapefruit serum

Grapefruit essential oil not only stimulates hair growth but also has effective use in smoothing and softening, helping hair stay strong and avoiding dandruff. The product is completely natural and you can use it even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  1. Ecolife DDT-ME

The final product will be for men. The need for hair care in particular and beauty, in general, is for everyone, not just for women. Because the characteristics of the male hair are often hard, we need hair care products specifically for it.

Ecolife is made from natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil or grapefruit oil. And especially, it also supplements vitamin E that nourishes the hair. Using this hair oil will help you improve your hair loss as well.

A healthy, sleek hair will be a great weapon for women. Do not be busy but neglect your hair. Find out the condition of your hair and use the best hair essential oil now!

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