22 Jan

Three natural scalp stimulators

The winter time can take away a lot of moisture from your scalp and hair. Now, it’s about time to show you scalp some love. Not with a brush or scrub, but with powerful nutrients that stimulate follicles and nourish dryness. Luckily, nature has some of the best remedies to nurture your scalp and hair.

Three natural scalp stimulators 1

We need to mention essential oils which are not only beneficial to hydrating the skin but they also moisturize your natural hair and hair follicles. Even though essential oils are great for your scalp, finalizing your priority with a suitable oil is more important. Then, try these three scalp-stimulating essential oils to start.

Jojoba Oil:

Three natural scalp stimulators 2

Jojoba oil is no longer an unfamiliar element in hair care products. You can catch sight of thousands of hair products included jojoba oil in its ingredients available in the market. The reason is that this miracle oil is the perfect elixir for dry scalp. At the same times, jojoba can mimic the skin’s sebum which means it balances natural oils and will not clog the pores. Likewise, jojoba hydrates well your scalp and can prevent dandruff problem caused by dry scalp. There are some options that you can use jojoba oil. You can directly apply jojoba oil on your scalp and give it a nice massage, use it as a leave-in treatment or add a few drops into the conditioner after you wash your hair. You can also use jojoba oil as a sealer on my ends to prevent breakage.

Rosemary Oil:

Three natural scalp stimulators 3

The benefits of rosemary extend far beyond the kitchen. Besides working great on improving memory, soothing digestive uses and relieving muscle aches and pains. Rosemary can be used to reduce dryness and flakiness problem and stimulate hair growth at the same time. Many people also claim that it can prevent baldness, slows graying, and can be used to treat dandruff and dry scalp. After using it for a while, you will definitely find some pretty remarkable results.

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Peppermint Oil:

Three natural scalp stimulators 4

Peppermint oil does not only smell super relaxing, it relaxes the blood circulation in your scalp at the same way. You can use directly the oil on your scalp by give it a nice massage diluted with a bit of water. Peppermints also a natural astringent that can reduce excess oil on the scalp. With its stimulating properties, peppermint oil penetrates through your scalp surface and promotes the hair follicles. It promotes blood circulation leading to boosting hair growth. It makes the hair roots stronger by providing the much-needed nourishment. Since then, you can be relief with hair fall problem.

These are only three of many other kind of essential oils that you can use for your hair. You should experiment and get yourself the best oil that is suitable for your specific hair type instead of using any random essential oil. They are beneficial but at least, you should know which the best treatment for your hair is.

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