03 Jul

Taking care of your real hair after chemical process

The following tips will help you to achieve a healthy and silky hair after undergoing the chemical process. At the same time, it will also provide you with tricks to maintain hair color and curls.

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  1. Don’t wash your real hair extensions right after style

This is one of the strictest rules that you have to keep in mind. If you clean your hair after doing the dyeing or curling, the chemicals don’t have enough time to absorb deeply into the hair and it might be washed away. As a result, it is necessary not to wash your hair at least in 24 hour period to avoid that problem.

  1. Don’t wash your hair too often

As you might know, there is only a specific amount of oil to hydrate your scalp. That’s why you should not wash your hair too regularly if not the natural oil on your hair will be taken off which drying out your hair. Worse, too regular cleaning will fade the hue and straighten out your curls. The best way is to wash 2 to 3 times a week with mild shampoos.

  1. Use conditioner regularly

Moisture and conditioner are essential to hydrate your chemical treated hair. However, you also need to pay attention to choose suitable types of conditioners, especially, the one specified for vulnerable hair. It is advised to used organic and mild conditioners for this hair type. A small amount of conditioner will facilitate the growth of your hair and it will not create a negative effect on your chemical treated hair.

  1. Treat your real hair with cool water

It is because hot water will make the pores on the scalp open up leading to the fact that chemicals will come out of the pores more easily. As a result, use cool water for better hue and curl maintenance.

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  1. Don’t use towel to dry out your hair.

It is obvious that drying out your hair with a towel is better than using hair blow dryer, nonetheless, if you use a towel to rub your real hair it might damage your hair and take the chemical out of your hair. Therefore, the best way to dry out your hair is letting it dry naturally or use a shirt with light material to absorb the water out of your hair.

  1. Use wide tooth comb

The regular comb might be regarded as an enemy of curly hair, that’s why a wide-tooth comb is essential to have one. It will help you to maintain the curls but not tear them out.

  1. Trim the end after each 4 to 5 weeks

Pruning the end of your hair monthly will make your hair healthy and swing by getting rid of damaged hair. One month is perfect for clipping your hair without affecting the length and style of your piano hair.

These are only some simple but useful tips that you should apply to take care of your hair after doing the chemical process, especially, dyeing and curling. These tips and tricks will be very helpful if you can apply in a proper way to maintain your beautiful and healthy hair.

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