11 Jul

Take care of your hair extension with simple steps

Using Vietnam virgin hair extensions has become a beauty accessory which is fashionable, trendy and modern fashion. You don’t have to sit in the salon for half a day to have a good hairstyle but you still have a new look with beautiful Vietnam virgin hair s in the twinkling of an eye. However, the hair extension is a “hard” accessory, needing a special care regimen. If hair extensions isn’t preserved carefully, they will mess up being not as beautiful as the original. As a result, it’s necessary to know how to take care and preserve your hair extensions to be alive as usual. Here are 4 simple but necessary steps to take care of your hair extension.

1. Cleaning your Vietnam virgin hair extesnions regularly

Take care of your hair extension with simple steps 1

You use the Vietnam virgin hair with your real hair so there will be an amount of sweat. If they aren’t clean, the bacteria will grow and multiply having bad impact on the scalp while using the hair extension. Like regular shampooing, after 2- 3 times using the hair extension, washing is important to keep it clean for the later uses. But noticing that hair extension isn’t totally the same as real hair, there should be other ways to clean it:

– Dilute your shampoo in a mug with water

– Put your hair extensions into the mug for about 5 to 10 minutes (just soak without rubbing your hair to avoid tangle)

– After soaking your hair with shampoo, rinse with water.

– Dilute your conditioner in a mug with water. Soak your hair with conditioner and then rinse with water

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– Then put the hair on a soft towel to absorb water (do not use your hands to rub the hair).

– When the hair is less absorbent, brush the hair and hang it on the drying rack to dry naturally without using a dryer or exposing it to the sun.

– When the hair is 70% – 80% dry, comb your hair with a thin comb and spray with water then leaving the hair dry. Thus, complete the proper hair sanitation.

2. Brush hair

Take care of your hair extension with simple steps 2

Brushing is very important to keep your hair extensions always smooth and free tangled. There are two popular types of hair extension made from different materials: artificial ray (English name: Kanekalon) and nylon fiber (English name: Toyokalon). Kanekalon’s artificial silk has a 99% physical appearance and texture, so hair samples with this material are more popular. But the biggest disadvantage of artificial hair is that it is easy to tangle, so you need to pay attention to combing the hair extensions. The brushing tool and the manner are two things you ought to focus. Brushing with the professional tool can avoid hair loss and remember to do it gently as well.

New tape hair

Vietnam virgin hair, like real human hair needs caring to remain longer and healthier so taking care of it is essential. With only simple steps, your hair can become more beautiful and shining, which help you have a better look and be more confident in front of other people.


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