25 Jul

How to style long hair faster

Taking care of your hair is not an easy task to do, not to mention the ones with long hair. Long hair is gorgeous and a dream come true to many ladies but it might take hours to wash, condition and style. Understand these problems, we are here to provide you with some tips that you can use to minimize the amount of time that you have to spend on taking care of your long hair.

How to style long hair faster 1

1. Air dry your hair until it’s 80% dry

This is of course not an ideal thing to do if you are in a rush to get out of the house. However, if you’re washing your hair on a week night or on a lazy Sunday, always be sure to follow this tip. It will not only cut down a lot of time you use to blow dry and also protect your hair better from heat. It is not a good choice to do when you use heat right after you wash your hair. So after you get out of the shower, pat your hair gently using a soft cotton cloth or T-shirt then let it dry naturally.

How to style long hair faster 2

2. Apply hair products before your hair dries

If you use any sort of hair products, be sure to apply them before the hair is completely dry. If you wait too long, you’re just spraying new moisture into the hair which only prolongs the process.

3. Do hair masks before or during the shower to save time

Moisturizing your hair is literally the number one priority, as this is the biggest factor in having beautiful, healthy, bouncy, shiny hair. So in order to save time, you can apply hair mask during the shower. And when you finish, wash your hair again with running water to completely clean it. Hair masks are amazing in keeping your hair soft and hydrated.


4. Blow drying long hair faster

To speed up the drying process even more, take off the nozzle that concentrates the air into a thin stream and blow dry your roots upside down. As soon as you feel your hair is about 90% dry, it’s time to put the nozzle back on and use a round hair brush to fully dry the rest of the hair, and smoothen it out in the process.

5. How to curl long hair faster

One of the best hacks on how to style long hair fast is to pull it up in two ponytails, and curl in sections. This will make your hair more manageable to curl and make the process much faster than struggling with the whole head of hair.

How to style long hair faster 4

6. How to add volume to long hair

There are several way to add volume to your hair. You can use a texturizing powder, or a natural dry shampoo, which will help create volume. Massage well into the roots, or you can even put some in your hand and scrunch the hair upwards to create texture and body throughout the length of the hair. An alternative and much quicker way is to wear some Vietnamese hair extensions. You can check out our Vietnamese hair extensions on the website. These soft, bouncy hair extensions will add more thickness and volume to your long hair.

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