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The story of Halloween and lovely gifts from MCSARA

Halloween is now celebrated worldwide on 31st October every year. It brings people the dynamic and cozy atmosphere thanks to the parties, trick-or-treats and jack-o-lanterns and other festivities.

However, it was not this popular when Halloween was first held. The story of it still remained secret to many people around the world. Let’s find out the interesting things about this lovely event with MCSARA.

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The history of Halloween

Halloween was originated from the festival of Samhain of ancient Celtics who lived mostly in Ireland, England and Northern France from about 2000 years ago.

The people celebrated new year on 1st November. They believed that the night before new year was the time when boundary between death and life was fragile. Ghosts would take this chance to come back to the world.

As you probably know, at this season the weather turning from summer to winter is really cold and harsh which cause death to their people.

Alongside with the damaging of crops, this was also the chance for Druids to predict the future of human beings. Therefore, there will be bonfires where people gather together to burn crops and animal to sacrifice to their gods and goddesses.

During the event, everyone wore fancy customs made of animal skins and head or some other weird things so as to look like ghosts. They tried to tell fortunes to each other.

When the celebration came to end, they took the sacred bonfire which they hoped would protect them in the cold of winter.

Halloween came to America together with the colonial era in 17th century. At first, it was more popular in the southern areas and then expanded widely. In this festival, people often told ghost stories, fortunes, sang and danced together.


Some of the activities in Halloween

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In the past, people dressed customs and went around asking for not only just food but also money.

Now this is mostly the activity of children. Kids will gather together and start to walk around in the neighborhood to search for candies (sweets).

Halloween parties

Mostly this is for adults who will sit together to share their stories, play games or pranks and so on. This is the chance for them to relax and spend time together with their friends and family.

Jack-o lanterns

It would not be Halloween if there is no jack-o lantern. It is the symbol of this festival which stands for the ghost.

Black cats

If someone sees black cats in the streets, it is believed to bring that person bad luck. That is why people tend to avoid seeing it in this night.

That is something we want to share with you about Halloween.

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