08 Feb

Steps to get great beach hair

Summer is coming really soon and it’s time to look for some best tips to make your hair super “beachy”. Or even you can’t make it to the beach this summer, it’s still worth it to bring the ocean to your hair. Here are some steps that you can refer to in order to get the perfect beach hair.

  1. Salt Texture Spray

Steps to get great beach hair 1

Natural waves seem to be the most popular beach hair of all. However, it requires some texture spray to keep the waves in place and look gorgeous. In fact, building a foundation for beachy waves is one of the most important parts of mastering this style. For those who have natural wavy har, a texture hair spray will help give you more definition and texture. If you have fine or straight hair, you should build up your foundation with a texturizing mousse on damp hair.

  1. Section, Section, Section

Steps to get great beach hair 2

If you have straight hair, beach waves will need to be coaxed from your locks section by section. In order to pull off this, devide your hair into sections and secure each with a clip. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, section your hair into small coils or buns and let air dry overnight. In the next morning, you can see an amazing result of beautiful wavy look without not much efforts.

  1. Twist It Out

You can twist hair into two long ropes, carefully using a flat iron to heat sections of your twists. This should create the long, loose waves that make beach hair so distinctive. However, be sure to ue some heatprotection before using any flat iron step to style your hair.

  1. Overnight Glam
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Steps to get great beach hair 3

Rather than spending lot of time using products and diffusing your hair, braid or twist slightly damp hair and let set overnight. This is the best way to make your hair wavy easily without using any heat. In the next morning, after tie off your hair, use your fingers runing through your hair to loosen the curl and then use some hair spray to set it in place during the day.

  1. Dealing with Fine or Straight Hair

Steps to get great beach hair 4

The one drawback to beach hair is that it can be difficult to coax out of very fine. The key to make fine, thin hair fabulous is to reduce excessive oil which can weigh your hair down. You should not wash your hair too often which can even dry out it and make your scalp produces more oil. Two or three times a week is enough. Besides, you can use dry shampoos in between to absorb excess oil.

  1. Dealing with Thick or Frizzy Hair

When it comes to thick or frizzy hair, you need to ensure that your hair can get enough moiture. You can use natural mask to boost the hydration to your hair strands. Besides, using leave-in conditioner for one to two times should be put in your hair care routine too.


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