26 Jul

Step By Step To Have A Cute, Affable Butterfly Braid Hairstyle

When talking about butterfly braid hair, which image do you think about? You can style your hair with a butterfly shape as well as a hairdo of braiding that you will clearly understand after reading this post.

Be as free as a butterfly when styling this braid hairstyle. This uber-cool look is the epitome of braiding hair that can combine with plenty of other hairstyles. Perfect for a day in the office or a night on the town, get a braid hairstyle that’s as versatile as they come with the butterfly braid, brought to you a unique appearance.


  1. Starting from the top of the head, take 2 small bundles of hair to create two equal parts.
  2. Take the hair from the left side of your head, bring it down to the right and then take it over the two parts of the previously created sections.
  3. Then, take hair from the right-hand side of your head, pass it underneath and then over the created sections.
  4. Repeat steps three and four until you reach the nape of the neck. Every time you pass a section over and underneath, be sure to add in more hair from the sides.
  5. To finish this perfect hairdo, secure the braided hair with a hairband then add an embellishment to highlight the butterfly braid.

For a special look, you can style like below pictures:

  1. Have a ponytail and divide it into 4 parts. Fix each hair part with clips.
  2. Firstly, braid it in the French style. Be careful at the length of the hair you include in the braid because you need to create a shape that looks like a butterfly wing. Use a clip to fix it.
  3. Repeat the second step for the left section.
  4. Start braiding the bottom hair from the right, but pay attention included in the braid more from the hair length. Then you get a smaller butterfly wing. Fix with a clip.
  5. Do the procedure again, for the left side.
  6. Pass the tails of the higher “wings” under the lower ones, overlap them and then fix at the top to create the butterfly’s body.
  7. Hide the lower tail under the wings, fix them with clips. Have fun!

If you don’t want to own normal butterfly braiding, you can refer to some other diversity hairdos:

Butterfly Braid Updo

The first hair idea we want to show you is this beautiful butterfly braid updo. The braids have been styled on top of the head to create a trendy faux mohawk hairstyle. You can also see chic gold beads which really give the updo a glam look. Hair like this would be perfect for a special occasion and for the holiday season.

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Double Butterfly Braids

Generally, butterfly braided looks feature two braids blend together. This hairstyle is a little different. Here we have braids that start and end as two separate braids, but they still have that stylish pulled out butterfly look. This is a gorgeous hair idea that is great for the women who like to stand out from the crowd.

Butterfly Braids With Glam Cords

You can make your hairstyle unique and express your own individual style by adding accessories to your braids. These braids are a super stylish example. The chunky butterfly braids meet in the middle and end in one, sleek single braid. Then the look is finished off with a gold cord. As you can see, the gold really jazzes up the hairstyle. You can use any cord, in any color.

Chunky Butterfly Braid Hairstyle

This next hairstyle is one of our favorites! This stunning look features chunky butterfly braids and instead of the braids blending into one, the two are put together to create one large ponytail braid. This way you get the detail of both braids. Also, the ponytail looks intricate and it has a lot more volume too. Recreate this look or try the hairstyle without the accessories.

Long Butterfly Braid

Next, we have a long braided look. The hair has been styled into the two braids that then meet in a very long butterfly braid ponytail. We love how the braid is more relaxed than some of the sleeker styles as it gives the hair a trendy, boho look. To achieve this style, you will want to pull the braids out quite a lot when creating the butterfly effect.

Elegant, Curly Butterfly Braid

Looking for a glam butterfly braid hairstyle? Then this idea is perfect. These butterfly braids feature a long, thick and beautiful braid with a smaller side braid. The hair has also been accessorized with hair cuffs too. This is a stunning idea that would be perfect for the holiday season.

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