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Some amazing ways to take care of your hair in Summer

Some amazing ways to take care of your hair in Summer

We all know how the hot summer sun is harmful to our skin, and we take due precautions for it. But have you ever given a thought about the effects that sun has on hair ??? The sun can wreak equal havoc with our hair as with our skin. Hence, it is important to avoid over sun exposure and take adequate measures to protect hair while stepping outdoors.

Let’s read some tips below, you and Mcsara will have the beautiful hair

  1. Avoid Too Many Cosmetics

Summers already dries your hair out and causes damage to them. So make sure you go easy on any chemical hair treatments during this period. Avoid too much coloring, whether at the spa or home.If you want to color your hair or change the color during summer, try and do it a month or two before the sun hits hard.


  1. Shampoo With Care

While you feel like shampooing your hair every day, doing so will cause more harm than good. Too much shampoo can dry up your scalp and hair even more.

If you tend to sweat more on the scalp and if your hair gets greasy and sweaty easily, go for a mild shampoo that is especially good for summers.

Shampoo only on the scalp, not the hair, and as you wash your hair, the suds will rinse down, cleaning up your hair too. Putting shampoo separately on your hair and hair tips will dry them out.

  1. Hot oil massage

It is nice to get a hot oil massage in summer. Focus on the scalp as well as the ends of your hair as they get dry faster.

  1. Swimming

During summer, you love to hit the pool, right? If you’re going swimming, remember DO NOT shampoo before you go for a swim, as this will rob your hair of all protective oils and will make it extra vulnerable to the chemicals and salt in the water.

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Once you’re out of the pool and have taken a quick shower, use a shampoo that contains ethylene tetra acetic acid. This will remove any harmful effects of chlorine that the water may have.


  1. Avoid Heat

The sun is already putting too much heat on your hair, so avoid the additional heat as much as you can. Go slow on the blow dryer, and if required, wash your hair half an hour earlier so that they get ample time to air-dry. Avoid using the styling iron and curlers and let them be as natural as they can be.


  1. Care For Your Color

f you have recently colored your hair or have colored hair, you would want to take extra care of them in the summers. Hair sustains maximum damage with chemical treatments leading to color fading and excessive hair dryness.

While selecting hair care products, go for ones that are specially made for colored or treated hair. If you have recently colored your hair, try going out less often in the sun, especially when it’s at its peak. If you need to, try covering your hair with a hat or a scarf.


Hair damaged due to the sun can be a little difficult to maintain, but it is not impossible. Don’t expect results in a day or two. Continue with the right sun damaged hair remedy that best suits you and you’ll soon see results.

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