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A shiny and silky black hair care


Asian black hair used to be considered as rusty and traditional, but recently, it seems to be back on trend. A huge number of women are making a lot of efforts to maintain the black hair and not to let chemical get into its way. For many other people who are not lucky enough to own a silky hair might even dye their hair black. However, know how to keep hair black and healthy without worrying about age is more substantial for those who have black hair. Down here are some secrets that you can refer to in order to have better treat to your hair.

Protect your hair from sunlight

The best way that you can do in this situation is to wear a broad-brimmed hat or scarf before you go outside. This is the simplest way that you can apply so as to get your hair hidden in the shade while you are out. Another factor can damage your hair is swimming pool water full of chlorine which can strip off oil from your hair and damage it easily.


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Healthy food is definitely a yes in every single case. They are not only the great rewarding for your body, your skin and even your hair. You should pay more attention to calcium/mineral/vitamin/iron rich foods which can supply your hair with sufficient nutrient to grow.

Hair care process

Instead of using a normal brush, you are recommended to use a wide-tooth comb to get your hair untangle without damaging it. Moreover, a wide-tooth comb can be thoroughly helpful in stimulating blood circulation.Hair While You Sleep a (1)


It’s also suggested that you should limit your heat exposure to your hair as much as possible. Don’t abuse flat iron or curling irons because they can negatively affect your hair’s texture and color. If it is the last result, use them after applying for heat protection and in low mode.

Black hair is also as the same as other hues, it can easily get tarnished if you over expose your hair to chemicals and hair products. Also, at least one to two times a week using natural masks to provide your hair with nutrients. At the same time, trim off your hair ends if they get dead ends.

Use organic ingredients

You can take the food list below as a reference to take care of your hair.

You can use coconut juice to apply on your hair to make it shiny and silky. An alternative can be blueberries, soap berries, etc which are very good for maintaining black hair. Wheat is also one of the best food for your hair which can reduce your hair the chance of getting gray.

Last but not least, you should not be under stress too often which can lead to gray hair situation very easily. Also, remember that your diet is considered to be the decisive factor in maintaining your hair’s health and color. Ultimately, whether black is your hair original hue, the chemical can be quite harsh on it and can make it fade easier so don’t abuse it.

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