24 May

Several types of Korean wavy hair styles for 2017

Curling hair without heat” of Korea is considered a great creation, which ensures not only aesthetics but also maintenance and safety for the hair. “Curling hair without heat” is improved from traditionally cold curling technique and it perfectly overcomes the drawbacks of other hair curling techniques.

Prominent advantages of this technique are likely to bring the trend of curling hair reach the “peak” of natural, soft and sexy beauty. At the present, a young shoulder-length wavy hair or aristocratic curls is really simple with “Curling hair without heat”.

Outstanding advantages:

It is “curling hair without heat” that can give you a soft wavy hair in a truly natural way. You will have smooth, well-organized curls and your hair is not easy to ruffled and tangled.

Korean wavy hair 1

Thanks to the technique “curling hair without heat”, your hair does not have to be exposed to heat and lose water, so it is provided more nutrients. This technique ensures you the soft, shiny, undamaged wavy hair with curls as beautiful as water wave and it is very helpful with thin and weak hair.

With “curling hair without heat”, you do not have to waste much time taking care of your hair and much effort keeping your hair in order. Time for maintaining wavy hair can be up to nearly 1 year without fear of losing the original wavy fold.

Especially, after curling hair by this modern technique, if you want to style and make your hair in wavy fold as you expect, you just need a little lotion to put on your hair.

If you suppose that curly hair can make you look older than your real age, wavy hair is a great proof when it demonstrates the opposite thing. It is always pleasing to women of all ages, which is explained by that from the twenties to middle-aged women are very fond of this hair style and choose wavy hair to be the way to honor their beauty.

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Korean wavy hair style has never been sought after by the femininity as much as now. And it is obvious that a fashion creating a fever will have special hallmarks. Wavy hair of Korean style is different from classical wavy hair style with big curls like in classic Hollywood movies which creates luxury beauty but easily creates the feeling of beauty getting old. It brings the feeling of softness like waves rushing to the shore slowly, softly but very graceful.

Korean wavy hair 2

Korean wavy hair is perfect combination of softness and seduction. Curls which are bended in a picky way will help you become a lovely princess stepping out from fairy tales. This sweetness certainly makes the stronger sex enjoy watching charming and seductive beauty of girls or women.

Another plus point is that wavy hair is not too picky about faces like short hair style or curly hair with big curls. If you own an oval face, wavy hair is certainly the best choice. With girls who have a round face, wavy hair with fringe will make you a beautiful doll. Girls with angular face also do not have to worry much since soft curls will hold close to the face and hide not soft lines, which can make the face more harmonious and delicate.





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