05 Jun

The Secret to Amazing Vietnamese Hair Extensions this Summer

In this post, We would showcase one of our tips about taking care of your Vietnamese Hair Extensionsin the Summer.

Vietnamese Hair Extensions this Summer 1

If you plan on swimming either in the ocean, pool or lakes this summer this post is especially for you.


Wet your hair completely before swimming either in the sea, pool or lakes.  Make sure to saturate your hair with a fresh water source before you swim.  Hair can only absorb so much water so it’s best that you have it absorb fresh water free of salt or chlorine.

Vietnamese Hair Extensions this Summer 2

Seal hair with thick & creamy conditioner.  Once your hair is thoroughly saturated with fresh water seal out any additional water with a creamy thick conditioner.  It need not be expensive, just readily available to seal out the harsh salt water or chlorine. This will seal in the moisture from the fresh water you saturated your hair with AND it will seal OUT the salt water or chlorine.

Secure in a bun or braid.  We hate to ruin your fantasy of your long tresses flowing in the water…but all that does is make it easier for your hair to tangle which causes breakage and dryness.  So the best way to prevent tangling is to put your hair in a secure braid while swimming.

One last secret… rinse your hair as soon as you are done swimming for good. Usually any hotel or beach will have showers to rinse off; use them immediately after you are done swimming for the day.  Then coat the hair with a lightweight conditioner such as suave or V05 until you have a chance to shampoo with a clarifying shampoo.

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