16 May

How to restore damaged hair caused by the fastest hairstyle change

After the holidays, girls must feel their hair down due to too many hairstyles. Now to save your hair, many girlfriends spend a lot of time and money going to hair salons to restore their hair. However, there are some key points to help your hair recover quickly that you almost do not pay attention to. Now Mcsara will share some simple but effective to make your hair shine again

restore damaged hair caused by 1

Wash your hair properly

Many gilrs wash their hair everyday because simply they want to have clean hair. But this habit is not good for hair at all. Your hair will get dry either sooner or later because os the cleanser in the shampoo. We only need to shampoo 2 days once. Or if you can not stand a sdirty day, just shampoo and massage by your fingers as if you were washing your hair normally. This will strengthen the legs and help you feel like washing your hair normally. Again, conditioner can be used on a daily basis but shampoos should only be used daily.

restore damaged hair caused by 1

Enhance conditioner

With damaged hair, we can increase the amount of shampoo compared to conventional. Conditioner will provide moisture to the hair, repel split hair, dry fiber, make hair stronger and smooth. You should focus on the hair because the hair is often more damaged. When using conditioner, we can also massage the scalp. This method works to cleanse the remaining plaque, while also adding time to the nutrients to work

Use Argan oil

restore damaged hair caused by 2

Argan oil has become a wonderful beauty product for women besides olive oil and Moroccan. Argan oil has a silky, smooth, and softening effect while not sticking like other oils. You can use a small drop on the shampoo and wash or apply on your hair after shampooing. Use a comb from the tip of the hair to make the oil more permeable. You do not need to use expensive Argan oil brands. In Vietnam, you can refer to websites and forums to order foreign cosmetics to buy this oil.

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Do not continue to use chemicals

To help your hair dry out, your hair needs to be stronger. The excessive use of styling chemicals on the hair causes hair fibrous and weak. You do not need glue or spray to get a good looking hair. Healthy, glossy hair and new nutrients are the most important beauty you need for your hair. To do this, you should buy yourself two types of conditioners: a conditioner that is often used to provide moisture to the shampoo and to provide a moisturizer. Shampoo made from shea butter which will help to provide more nutrients to the hair.

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