18 Jun


There are various types of hair extension, one of the most widely-used ones is Vietnam Remy hair extension. Vietnam Remy hair extensions actually describe the quality of hair used to make up the particular extension.

The Vietnam Remy hair extension probably has the maximized quality and normally comes from a single donor, this unique character helps to ensure consistency in texture. Also, the hair cuticles are intact, in one direction and consists of cuts which are the same length. A smooth texture will be provided and the longer-lasting hair will be allowed, and style more naturally. Vietnam Human hair extensions are the most popular human hair extension currently due to the high quality and suitable price. Vietnam Remy hair is a high quality hair that lasts up to a year and blends supper well with your own hair without any harm.

But have you ever considered about the pros and cons of Vietnam Remy hair extensions? In this blog post, we together will be going through some facts that girls face with of Vietnam Remy hair extensions.


The Pros

Vietnam Remy hair extensions look nearly like virgin hair extensions because of its natural texture. The cuticle of Vietnam hair extensions normally follow the same direction and smoothly blend with the original hair. Due to the presence of cuticle layer, not only the hair shine, which is understood as the light is reflected, but also they will not be easily messed up and are more durable from time to time. These normally can be used up to one year. In case of great care, these can probably last for like up to 18 months.

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Moreover, mixing Vietnam Remy hair extensions with different types of hair is pretty simple and easy to carry out. Therefore, girls will not run into any problem with refreshing their hair style. They can easily get them blow dried, straightened or curled.


The Cons

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks of Vietnam human hair extensions. First of all, Vietnam Remy hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair or wigs.

REMY HAIR EXTENSIONS’ PROS AND CONS 2The price of Remy hair extensions depends on the quality of hair repurchased. Similarly, cost of caring and maintaining Vietnam Remy hair extensions is also pretty high. However, the higher the cost is, the better the quality will be, that is always the fact.


Apart from price, there is also another restriction for Vietnam Remy hair extensions, which is that the hair needs to have special care from hair stylist and regular maintainance from user. Specifically, these users of Vietnam Remy hair extensions should buy many types of hair care products to keep the hair strong and smooth as naturally. For example, deep set conditioner must have to be used regularly if you want to have a great hair look all the time.

In general, everything has merit and demerit aspects, but if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, why not you choose to try it out, and Vietnam human hair extensions is not an exception.

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