09 Jul

More Options for Hairstyles with Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions is favorite by many people for it strength and thickness but at the same time don’t make your head feel when being installed. When wanting a look that is full and thick without it weighing to hard on your head, Vietnamese hair extensions are the way to go.

With Vietnamese hair extensions, you no longer have to choose between two great qualities anymore. Whatever you decide to do with your hair extensions is all up to personal preference. The look and feel of Vietnamese extensions add to the versatility the hair provides and therefore, you’re able to achieve a lot with these bundles. Make sure you keep in mind that although these Vietnamese hair extensions can last a long time and can withstand just about anything, that you are still taking care of them as if its the hair on your head.

Don’t neglect the extensions. Take a look and see which hairstyles are on your top list.

1. Messy Bun

Messy buns have always been on the trend. There is something about your hair not being perfectly executed in a bun that turns out perfectly messy every single time.

Hairstyles with Vietnamese 1

Vietnamese hair extensions are perfect for this look because in a messy bun you want the sleek and halfway finished feel to it and with these hair extensions you’ll get what you’re asking. You can achieve this style with any hair texture, but if you’re going for something chic and effortless, Vietnamese hair extensions can do it for you.

2. Bun with Bangs

Lately, bangs have been making a slight come back so why not get on the wave when it can be effortless to do so?

Hairstyles with Vietnamese 2

The bun can be messy or sleek, but if you’re going for something a little edgier, a sleek bun with curly bangs may be the way to go for some people. If you want to look more sophisticated, then a smooth bun with straight bangs, could also be a movement.

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But this is all up to personal preference and whatever you believe looks best on your head!

3. Cornrows

Whether the cornrows are just in the front and pinned behind your ear or however you prefer it, cornrows could be the way to go.

Hairstyles with Vietnamese 3

Because of the Vietnamese hair extensions’ strength and elasticity, you can easily grip the hair and braid it securely without having to worry about too many fly-away hairs or the possibility of the braid becoming lose within a day. Get creative and experiment with your extensions’ braiding potential. You can also achieve twists if that is what you would want to do instead.

And if you don’t feel like thinking of another style you can do for another day, braid your hair and take them out after a while to achieve gorgeous beach waves.

4. Simple Straight

Don’t feel like any of these are for you so far? There is nothing wrong with sticking to the basics.

The Vietnamese hair extensions are beautiful within themselves and can be worn with any extra work for you to do. Its versatility is what makes the extensions so high on the market.

Hairstyles with Vietnamese 4

So far, we’ve through many hairstyles with Vietnamese hair extensions. Which ones you favor the most? Whatever you like, our Apo Hair products can help for you to get the best effects from applying shiny and beautiful hair extensions for enhancing and transforming their hair look with Vietnamese virgin hair.

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