21 Nov

New Season: The Fall Colors and Haircuts

As the seasons change and we have to say goodbye to summer, we welcome new beginnings.

Fall has always been the season of starting over as the leaves wither, die and fall to the ground for a fresh start. Try giving your hair fresh start too.

Let us not limit our haircuts to spring and summer because I promise, you can achieve some popping haircuts all year round. Do not worry if your hair is not ready to style. You can use the 22 inch weave hair extensions that we provide. Fall has always been the season to bring out the deep reds, chocolate browns, burnt oranges, and Ombre hair colors but have you tried these hair colors in a cut. Pixie cuts, bobs and so many cuts you can never get bored.

Now is the time for the real fashioner, hair is the key to maximize fashion at its highest level.

How can you not talk about fall and not discuss color?

Deep Red Rebel

Raging rebel red has always been a color that turns head. Can we be honest here?

How many times have you noticed a red car and can’t take your eyes off of it? Exactly, I feel the same way about red hair. We have seen some of the most recognizable faces with red hair. We also offer hair extensions in red color with many types of hair. Let select the extension that suits you and tell us.


Hershey Chocolate Brown

Who doesn’t love chocolate right? Natural brunettes have always been in style.

Often, our brown and black women have black hair, but have they ever tried to go brown? When I think of the color brown, I think of chocolate, coffee, and hazelnuts. I associate brown with durable, soft and sensual.

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Some bundles Chocolate Brown by tape in hair extensions, machine weft hair …may be what you are looking for right now.

Bad Burnt Orange

The burnt orange hair color has become very popular over the last few years.

The most I ever see the color is in the fall. It compliments many skin tones, but it sets the beauty standard for darker skin tones. It caters to the mahogany, cinnamon, honey, and warm brown tones. The vibrant dark ginger color has been known to turn heads considering it is so bold yet calm. The perfect fall color if you want your hair to match the leaves on the trees. Tips apply when coloring.

Tips: When coloring your hair burnt orange, I suggest you use the highest possible developer. Test the color when mixed on a piece of paper towel to see if that is the color you would like to use.

Fall Colors & Flavors

No more being bland and lacking flavor. Have fun with the fall colors and make them your own. Also, don’t be afraid to cut those bundles and grow some courage.

Let me repeat again, MCSARA is one big supplier human hair in Vietnam. We supply hair product in Tape in, Weave hair, Clip in extensions, Closure and Frontal… in all color.

You can try our Vietnamese hair extensions to have a healthy and beautiful hair this fall year! Please note that to get the best quality and best wholesale price for 22 inches weave hair extensions, please come to MCSARA.

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