08 Jul

Mistakes in virgin human hair care making you lose a handful of hair a day

Hair loss is the obsession of many people, but you know, it is the habits of daily life that contributes to the scary phenomenon that?

Besides age, stress and hormones, many other problems can cause hair loss without your knowledge. Sometimes, with very simple hair care habits, you have accidentally reduced the strength and shine of this particular area.

Here are some of the things you should avoid if you want your virgin human hair to stay healthy:

Choosing heavy accessories

Items such as hair tie, laces, etc. are too heavy and increase pressure for your virgin human hair. As a corollary, if you hold them too long, they will cause the hair to tangle quickly.

Thorah Levy, a pharmacist and medical consultant at Carrington Farms Health Center, said that although it is lightweight when handled, once worn on the head, these items are a major obstacle to the hair. Choosing unsuitable hairstyles such as tying hair too tightly also makes hair weak and easy to tangle. Brushing your hair too roughly with a sharp comb also makes things worse if you own a sensitive hair.

Drying wet hair

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Improper hair drying can also cause serious damage to the sensitive area. Peter Butler, hair stylist at CStone Danes Center, says that combining drying and combing when the hair is wet is a cruelty for your virgin human hair. When heated from the dryer, the hair loses its elasticity and becomes brittle and easy to tangle. Brushing with bomb, your hair will be easily broken.

The best way to limit this condition is to dry the hair with a towel before using hair dryer and remember to restrict drying hair too dry. You also should comb after drying hair.

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 Using unreasonable hair tie

Hair tie can make hair tangle seriously, especially when you are loyal to pony tails. Instead, you can look for other remedies from hairpin. It is best to untie your hair naturally to reduce pressure that hair has to face.

Using heat styled measured on a regular basis

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 Interfering by high temporature too much may change the hair structure, making them easy to tangle. All meauses like dying, drying, straightening make your hair more senstive. Medical experts recommended that everyone should take advantage of no heat style measured.

If you want to be loyal to styling, you need to add keratin to help your hair recover fast. Besides, restricting changing hairstyle also reduce heat impact for your hair.

Too much shampooing

Jeremy Fenton, a pharmacist and medical consultant at Schweiger Dermatology Center – New York said that too much shampooing is not beneficial for your virgin human hair. It not only makes hair combine with chemicals in shapoo. This habit makes the hair combined with chemicals in shampoo, and it also remove natural moiture of scalp, which makes hair easy to tangle.

You also need to choose shampoo with less irritation elements, friendlly with scalp. It is also neceesary to change type of shampoo when the scalp is dry and the hair is ruffled after shampooing. Besides, controlling temperature of water when shampooing is also very important. Too hot water will change the hair’s color, stimulates the oil on the scalp to work. Moderately cold or warm water will dilute the secretion from the oil efficiently, making the process of removing dirt and blockages easier.

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