05 Oct


Miss America 2019, the 92th Miss America pageant, which took place in Atlantic city has received a lot of attention from Americans in particular and people around the world in general. The finale on Sunday night, September, 9th was officially closed and Nia Imani Franklin was crowned Miss America 2019. Nia Imani Franklin, who comes from New York, beat out 50 other contestants to become the winner. It is notable that the new Miss America has become the first one in history to win the Miss America title without a swimsuit competition.

Nia Imani Franklin is highly appreciated not only because of her talent, cleverness and delicacy but also because of her impressive appearance with shiny black hair. It is not hard to realize that she is quite loyal to black hair without bangs, but she always transforms herself with different hairstyles to avoid boredom as well as monotony. Let’s see how various her hairstyles are.

Big wavy hairstyle


Big wavy hairstyle has been a hot trend among young people in recent years. Obviously, big wavy hair is capable of adding volume and thickness to your hair. It can be considered as a life saver for anyone with thin hair. Big wavy hair is suitable for different face shapes. Especially, it can help girls to cover the defects of their faces. This is the hairstyle that Nia Imani Franklin applied on the night of Miss America finale. Black wavy hair made her look so tender, gentle and charming, just like a princess straight out of a fairy tale.

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Curly hairstyle


One similarity between the new Miss American 2019’s black wavy hair and black curly hair is that the two hairstyles both add volume and thickness to her hair. However, in comparison to big wavy hair, black curly hair makes Nia Imani Franklin a little bit older and more mature, but it is completely in accordance with the appearance which any Miss should have. Furthermore, black curly hair with left parting matches well with her dark skin to reveal the elegance, smartness and nobility of the girl who was born in 1993.

Straight hairstyle


It can not be denied that straight black hair gives Nia Imani Franklin a youthful, active and dynamic look. The biggest advantage of straight hairstyle is that it does not take you too much time to take care of your hair, whether chin length hair, shoulder length hair or mid-back length hair. Although this hairstyle can be said to be simple, the fact is that it never goes out of fashion. Black straight hair is often known as a symbol of natural beauty.

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