10 Aug

MCsara hair carries only high quality human virgin hair extensions

The first thing when considering hair extensions is to choose the right hair quality and it is virgin hair extensions. No matter what type of hair extensions you have, if you do not get a high quality hair you can end up with problems that will cause a headache down the road. Problems such as shedding, tangling, and matting will make you never want to wear hair extensions again. However, if you can get a high quality hair, you will be starting off right. Read reviews, talk to friends, and find out the best quality hair for the type of extension type you would like to purchase. 

Then you want to consider the hair extension application type: there is clip-in, sew-in, tape-in, fusion, and micro bead extensions. All of these methods have very different pros and cons. Choose a hair extension method that will suit your lifestyle. Clip-Ins are temporary, and by temporary we mean a few short hours. This is for someone who just wants them for one time special occasions. They are bulky and by the end of the night in the car you will be clipping them out-trust me! They are annoying but add length for special occasions. Sew-in is where a bread of your own hair is sown in rows towards the bottom and a hair weft is sew in. This method is a pain, the hair is dirty and cant get washed, it itches and its really bulky. You will have a hard time wearing hair up in a high pony tail. Then there is my favorite, tape-ins where you can wear for 2-3 months and they are reusable. Application takes 30 minutes, removal takes 15 minutes and there is no damage or fuss. Because they are thin tape wefts with strong adhesive, you barely feel them and you are able to wear hair up or down, swim with them and workout with them too! I know for my working out is important and I love having a full pony tail when I have my tape extensions. Then there is fusion and micro bead-these are individual tiny pieces of hair, this costs thousands, takes hours, but lasts for 6 months. Many like this method because they can wear the hair for months even though the hare does get stringy. 

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