24 May

MCSARA Hair Factory – The beginning of high-quality hair extensions

Have you ever experienced going to the salon to have your hair cut short and then regret your decision right after a week, even a day? This got you wishing that your instant Rapunzel-long, luscious hair came back.  But sadly, it seems like forever to grow it back. Girls, the wait is over! Hair extension can do the magic for you, adding length, colors, or volume to your hair in matters of a few minutes. Yeah, hair extensions can do wonders for you and your hair. But just high-quality ones can. And if you are in search of the best hair extensions, look no further than MCSARA Hair.

  1. About MCSARA Hair company

About MCSARA Hair
About MCSARA Hair

MCSARA Hair is one of the most premium hair manufacturing company in Vietnam, delivering hair products and services to distributors, vendors, salons, and online store owners all over the world.  We have been working tirelessly to provide the best and only the best hair extensions for a really affordable price to our loyal customers.  Let’s show you how the MCSARA factory works to bring about the highest-quality hair extensions.

  1. How does the MCSARA Hair factory work?

MCSARA Hair Factory Vision

Being in a high position in Vietnam’s hair market is just the beginning of our journey. Indeed, MCSARA Hair has been putting enormous effort to become the top manufacturer in the global market. We have invested in the manufacturing process, equipment, and our workers. Now, MCSARA Hair has a fully dedicated hair factory with more than 500 skilled workers scale in the outskirts of Nam Dinh, Viet Nam. And we are going to widen its sale to be able to achieve the production capacity of 5 tons of hair extensions per month, making us a major player in the hair extensions space.

MCSARA Hair Factory and Machinery

MCSARA Hair Factory and Machinery
MCSARA Hair Factory and Machinery

We always try our best to create premium hair products and offer unbeatable customer services. Walkthrough some information about our factory and explore how and where these items are made.

Located in Nam Dinh – one of the biggest cities of Viet Nam, our factory has all the right attributes: bright spacious facilities, modern hair processing methods, and comfortable conditions and convenience for employees.

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We have also continuously invested in existing machines to improve the productivity of the factory as well as the quality of the hair products. We use double stitch sewing machines to create reinforced and thin weft lines. Hot steam machines are used to create different hair textures, and modern coloring machines are made good use to bleach or dye the hair. When it comes to making closure, frontal, and wig, our workers make them by hand to ensure the accuracy and design as customers require.

MCSARA Hair Factory Workers

At MCSARA Hair factory, we also focus on developing our professional and skillful team as well. We have more than 500 dedicated staff, diligent, patient workers with skillful hands. That is a solid foundation for us to diversify hair products in different designs, styles, sizes and colors.

MCSARA Hair materials

MCSARA Hair extensions are made from human hair which is collected from 100% Vietnam healthy woman hair donors, prominent with durability and natural silkiness. So, it comes as no surprise that our hair extensions are durable and can be made into many hairstyles without the fear of damage.

MCSARA Hair Products

MCSARA Hair provides a wide range of hair extension products including clip-in, keratin tip, tape, weft, and bulk hair made from 100% human hair.

In the MCSARA Hair factory, hair products must go through many processes before delivering to customers:

  • First, hair is selected strand by strand to eliminate all short and bad quality hair.
  • Second, selected strands are freshly washed and then made into the weft, tip/tape hair extensions, wigs by the skillful hands of qualified workers.
  • Last, all the products must experience a strict quality control process to ensure all the hair is absolutely perfect before going out of the factory.

SO, till now, you have known where to get the best hair extensions. Yes, it is nothing but MCSARA Hair. Beyond gorgeous hair, MCSARA’s mission is to inspire confidence and empower you to look and feel your best. Like best friends, we dedicate ourselves to being there for you. So if you need some hair tutorial, a new hair product, or you just have a question about how to care for your new curly tape in hair extensions don’t be shy to contact us.  Whatever, whenever, we are always here.

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