19 May

MCsara clip in hair extensions

Each Mcsara clip in hair set comes with a few different wefts that have small clips sewn onto them and can be easily snapped into place in your hair
Customers of us can freely choose numbers of wefts, clips in it and weight, length of pack as well. Price will be counted base on weight and texture and color of clip in hair.
Here are some examples of Clip In hair packs that our customer chose by their own.

clip-in-1 clip-in-2 clip-in-3

The last one is the favorite clip in, many people choose it because it has many weft and small clips inside that make it easy to use.
Here are some simple steps to clip in Mcsara hair extensions
Step 1
Brush both your hair and the wefts before applying them
Step 2
Separate a thin section of hair at the nape of your neck and clip the rest away
Step 3
Insert the first 5/4/3 clips weft starting with the middle clip
Step 4
Separate another thin section of hair above the first clipped weft and repeat the process with the big, 4 clips weft, the other 3 clips weft and finally with one of the 2 clips weft
Step 5
Separate a thin section of hair higher above the ear and apply one of the 2 clips wefts
Do the same a bit higher with two of 1 clips weft
Step 6
Repeat the exact same process on the other side of your head
Enjoy your result!

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