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Materials of MCsara hair extensions

The most important thing that creates a perfect hair extension is the quality of the materials. MCsara hair Vietnam has been using raw hair from Vietnamese and Cambodian people. As you may know Asian hair is one of the most beautiful hair in the world, especially Vietnamese hair because it is known as the softest, the shiniest, the silkiest one. Since a long time ago, people here focused on taking good care of their hair by natural methods like using lemon, lebbek, grapefruit and esensial coconut oils. They believe that graceful hair expresses the beauty of woman both inside and out. That explains why Mcsara has great materials and resource to assure our hair extensions meet the highest demand of market.

Mcsara use ntural material to protect and care human hair

MCsara hair use ntural material to protect and care human hair

Hair extensions made from virgin human hair have many advantages. They can be heated (curled or straightened), colored for best color matching results, styled, washed, and treated as you can with your own natural hair therefore making them much easier to work with.

Why you should use MCsara hair ?

We at MCsara hair use only real human hair for our products. This ensures thick, healthy natural extensions which blend discreetly into your hair
Remy Human Hair is the highest grade of real human hair. When you buy a non-remy product, you may feel that the hair extension is just as soft and as shiny in a short period of time, but they use chemical processing.
At MCsara hair, all our sets are 100% vietnam remy hair extensions. And we do not use chemical processing. This ensures the highest quality of product on the market so you can use them happily for a long time. We strongly believe that the less artificial chemicals a product contain the better result. So all of our products do not contain synthetic fibers or have been chemically processed.



mcsara hair at home using raw materials

Natural hair when used MCsara hair

If you’re looking for human hair to dye the lightest color or style it with many different colors try the virgin hair extension. It is the best choice to dye any color you want. This kind of hair has NEVER been colored, bleached or permed, just cut off the hair from the donor in one ponytail. The hair will not tangle and will be completely natural hair like yours or mine.

Come to our MCsara hair, you will have  many choices with different types of hair, varied in size and design. All types hair of MCsara hair are used resources from real human hair. Guaranteed to please you!

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