16 Nov

How To Make Your Own Really Thick Hair Extensions

In this post we will look at how to DIY your own thick clip on hair extensions.  Whether you have thinning hair like me (more on that below), are born with thin fine hair, or just want to have some fun with your hair, clip on hair extensions can be a great solution.  Who doesn’t want to have thicker longer and fuller hair some days?

Really Thick Hair Extensions 1


  • 1-2 packets of real human hair, on a weft (do not buy “ponytail hair,” which is loose and incredibly difficult to work with*).  You can also buy it off a roll, by length.  In this case, measure your head and decide how thick you’ll want the pieces before you go.  Look at your local hair/beauty shops (Sally’s Beauty sells some) or check out Ebay for some deals (just be aware that the hair might be not as good quality since you can’t see it, common issues could be falsely saying it’s human hair and is really wool, thin wefts, or hair that doesn’t have many long strands).
  • 15-20 wig snap on clips Depending on how many hairpieces you make, but it’s better to have extra than have to make another trip to the beauty supply store.  You also don’t want to skimp on the amount of clips you put in each hairpiece, or they’re likely to come loose while wearing.
  • Sharp scissors. to cut the wefts and trim the final pieces
  • Needle and strong (or use two threads) matching or invisible thread, to sew the wefts and clips together
  • Measuring tape (or long piece of string), to gauge how wide each piece should be to custom-fit your head.
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Really Thick Hair Extensions 2


  • Measure and cut the length you want. Cut however many layers you want to sew together to the same length.
  • Seal edges that were cut with general krazy glue or handstitch with the blanket stitch around the raw edge making sure to secure the section where the hair was sewn onto the strip with a stitch or two. The videos below don’t do this step, but I say better safe than sorry I hand sewed mine.
  • Sew together 2 or 3 wefts with a handsewing needle with thick embroidery thread in a similar colour, or glue together (I prefer hand sewing). I used a blanket stitch at the top to connect the wefts together.
  • Hand sew on clips where the holes are about every 1-2 inches to make sure that the extension are secure. The first one I made I sewed the clips on the wrong way! To make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did  make sure that the brass or gold coloured hole on the clip on the side is facing you when you sew it on. If you do make the same mistake I did you can use a seam ripper to help take the clips out.
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