04 Aug

Machine weft hair extensions or Hand weft hair extension?

The weft you choose for your virgin Vietnam remy hair is very important. There are two types of wefts: Machine-Weft and Hand-tied. So which one is for you? Let’s have a look at this block post, we will figure it out together!

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First of all, what are machine weft hair extensions?

Machine weft hair extensions refer to products which have been sewn to create the bundle of extensions. The hair is then folded to create the final weft extensions. While mostly used as a technique for permanent extensions (sewn in), machine weft hair extensions are also used as the base to create our line of clip in extensions.

What are hand weft hair extensions?

Hand weft hair extensions, are the highest quality, 100% pure human remy hair. Hand tied weft are sewn together by hand, making the weft portion of the hair much thinner than machine tied wefts. In this case, the individual strands are tied by hand to create the secure weft. This type of wefted hair extensions create a very strong, but much thinner weft when compared to machine weft hair extensions. The end result sits a bit closer to the head, offering less bulk than the machine weft hair. Hand weft hair extensions are typically utilized as permanent extensions, although they could also be used to create temporary or clip in hair extensions.

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What are main differences between them?

Hand tied wefts are thinner and more flexible than machine-tied wefts. The weft is flatter and allows the hair extensions to lay closer to the head giving a more natural look. When sewn in, they can be folded over to best fit the track. The weft is flexible so it will not stick out or cause lumpy areas around the crown. High quality hand tied wefts tend to last longer without shedding when they are put in by an experienced technician.

Machine weft hair extensions are easier to use and can be found in most hair supply stores. They are the most common type used. Vietnam hair extensions made with a machine weft can be soft and somewhat flexible. Machine weft hair will also last a long time without shedding. These wefts are easier to put in as the stylist can simply start on one end, sew in the weft, and then cut it at the end of the track. Machine wefts also work well when bonding the hair to the scalp.

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So which should you choose Machine weft hair or Hand tied weft hair?

No doubt machine wefts are the most popular because they are both sturdy and easy to handle by installers and stylists alike. If you are new to installation, I would strongly suggest that you start off with machine weft to get yourself familiar with handling extension hair. Similarly, if your stylist is not familiar with or is not used to handling hand tied weft, stick with the machine weft!

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