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Lana Del Rey Hair Color Collection

Lana Del Rey who has been staying instantly true to her vintage style throughout the times of glossy, polished curls, pairs her voluminous lashes with sleek cat eyes and a nude lip, perfecting a signature look in Hollywood. From year to year, the singer distinguishes herself from others to elevate her classic style with an embellished hairpiece or a vampy burgundy lip. And while the Golden Globe nominee has never strayed for her long, shiny curls, Del Rey has experimented with various hair color, trying every shade from dark brunette to auburn red. Read on to see why we can’t get enough of Lana’s locks.

Who is Lana Del Rey?

Lana Del Rey, a girl named Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, originally from New York, wrote music at the age of 18, struggled to enter the showbiz in 2008 under the stage name Lizziy Grant but did not resonate with the public. While the whole world is reeling from hip hop, electric, and pop dance, the vocalist Blue Jeans confidently chooses a completely different path.

Lana Del Rey became a musical phenomenon of 2011 with the song Video games. In 2012, the album Born to Die was later sold more than 3.4 million copies worldwide and was certified Gold Disc in the US market.

What makes Lana’s music so captivating and mesmerizing is the retro trend, influenced by American tea room music of the 50s of the last century. The songs are slow, dramatic and the voice let go of each note obsessively. Lana’s persistent melancholy music, once you like it, is very addictive. Her music brings listeners back to the golden years of jazz and classic rock. Most interestingly, the name Lana Del Rey is also associated with the term “Hollywood Sadcore”, a genre of tragic romanticism.

Besides the sultry voice, what grab other’s attraction in Lana are probably her appearance, her naturally curling hair, red lips, deep eyes and dress luxurious dresses which is seductive, beautiful and heart-passionate. With her Old Hollywood red waves, Lana Del Rey is always a picture of perfection. Her retro look and intriguing music have made her one of the most memorable pop singers today.

Lana Del Rey Hair Color

Let’s take a look at Lana Del Rey’s hair journey to see how attractive she is with different colors of the lovely curly hair.

Chestnut brown

Chestnut brown hair is something that almost never changes in Lana Del Rey’s style. The red carpet style of the female singer always leaves her own impression in the hearts of fans. Only with her brown hair half-exposed to reveal the elegant shoulders, her classic beauty is enough to attract all eyes. The sensuality and elegance are more pronounced when Lana is dressed in long strapless dresses. Lana’s fashion style always keeps the delicate nostalgia but still extremely sexy. That is the secret to help the American muse beat down the hearts of fans.

Darker Brown

Lana Del Rey also ever challenged darker brown color for a short time. The new, darker brown shade looked voluminous, shiny and perfectly tousled. It’s undeniable that the color works well on her. Combining with an all-black ensemble, the singer’s appearance resembles the image of a successful businesswoman, not only mature but also sexy and attractive.

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Lana Del Rey is no stranger to trying out different looks – she has also enjoyed a stint in which she rocked auburn tresses for several years. Once again, pulling off a color that would just look like copper gone wrong or a lesson on not to bleach your hair on most people. But the thing doesn’t come to that path with Lana. She pulls this color effortlessly. The red color brings her classic and mystical beauty. Undoubtedly, when spotting this unique color, she attracts everyone’s eyes in front of her at first glance.


The Born to Die hitmaker sent her fans into a frenzy as she unveiled her dramatic makeover, a stark contrast to her trademark auburn tresses. That’s a striking new honey blonde hair color. Lana decided to wear her tresses down in a sleek and smooth blow-dry, marking a change from her usually wavy locks with heaps of volume at the roots.

However, it wasn’t just her hair’s color which was different. Also, her sexy dressing style was challenged with a drastic change. The “Summertime Sadness” singer, modeled her freshly tinted tresses, complete with face-framing fringe, long and straight. To complement the sunny ‘do, she also rocked a quintessential California girl ensemble: a marigold tee with a printed shawl, blue skinny jeans, a natural leather bucket bag, and gold sandals.


The dark black color makes her skin look paler and her red lipstick pop even more. This appearance looks gorgeous, right?

We think this black hair color suits Lana a whole lot more. It jives with the vintage-y, R&B thing she’s going for musically and it somehow makes her look older and mature, which we prefer than her usual image because it means she’s okay projecting herself as an adult, instead of a teenager. It also just makes her look glow-y and pretty. Obviously, it works on her.

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