02 May

Keep your hair straight in humid weather

Keep your hair straight in humid weather 0

Humid weather is considered to be the enemy of your hair. It’s not always easy to enjoy the straight look when the humidity is high. While this is especially true for natural ladies who like a press-and-curl at times, even women with relaxed hair can suffer from frizz and puffiness with a lot of moisture in the air. Therefore, you need to learn some tips and tricks to keep your tresses straight and silky on even the most humid days, follow these tips:

First, start with clean hair. It means you should do research to find out which cleanser that suits you best. It might take you a while because there are a lot of shampoo on the store that might or might not be designed for your hair type and current state. As a result, you need to get serious in doing this step. Once your hair is freshly treated with some amazing cleanser, they are in the best shape for pressing, flat ironing, or setting. They’re also more receptive to products that will keep humidity at bay.

Keep your hair straight in humid weather 1

Next, have a look at anti-humectant products. Yes, there are products to do this job. Here are some things that can help you to know more about these hair products. Initially, they come in many forms. Some are serums, others are pomades, and still others are lotions. They often contain ingredients like silicones or some type of wax. So just choose the type of anti-humectant products that you like and apply it once your hair is styled. This is a finishing touch that will prevent moisture from swelling your hair cuticles and causing frizz.

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Additionally, make sure your hair is 100% dry. Whether you start with a wet set or flat iron session, your hair should be fully dry before stepping outside. At the same time, sitting under a hood dryer speeds up drying time, and can help ensure total dryness. Don’t remove rollers until hair is completely dry all the way to the roots. Likewise, never flat iron hair that has any dampness to it. The reason here is that if your hair is wet outside then it can attract dirt, smoke and pollutant.

Keep your hair straight in humid weather 2

Lastly, keep it wrapped. Before you hit the bed, detangle your hair with a comb or brush. Then wrap it and cover with a silk or satin scarf to preserve its smooth texture. Or else, braid your hair or wrap it and wear a shower cap if you don’t have a satin scarf. The alternative way is to get a satin pillow case to save your hair from being damaged. In the morning, add a dab of pomade or serum.

Keep your hair straight in humid weather 3

It may take time to find the perfect anti-humectant product for you, so be prepared for some trial-and-error. You might also have some days, rainy ones, that are challenging. It’s always a good idea to carry along a hair elastic (with no metal parts) to fashion a ponytail, or a headband if your hair is shorter, to deal with unpredictable weather.


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