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Odell Beckham Jr not only is one of the most well-known athletes in the US, but he also becomes famous for his cool and cutting-edge style and fashion. Although he is still in his early 20s, Odell already has garnered the world’s attention by creating his own clothing line. Besides his interesting haircuts and unique style that makes him become a trendsetter for every man in the world. He has tried with different colors and textures, now Odell Beckham Jr is wearing a blonde style. However, he had already played with other hues and haircuts in varied lengths and styles before.

When it comes to hairstyle, most men are looking for a mixture of something that is easy to style but also looks great on particular face shape. So, if you have been seeking for a haircut that can switch your look and be cool in front of your crush, getting a haircut inspired by Odell Beckham Jr will your best choice. It would be great if you trim your hair around the ears for shorter that make you look clearer even when you’re having a day-off. Let’s check out some pics of his best looks following to find out which one can work for you.

  1. Bleach in blonde hair

Odell Beckham Jr is always famous for embracing his natural curls. However, to make it different his hair has evolved in length and color and the blonde is one of the most popular shade recently. If you’ve been thinking of upping the game to achieve the hairstyle like him, dyeing your natural curls could be a good idea. However, since bleaching is considered as one of the most damaging technique ever it would be necessary if you are some information before going as blonde as him.

  1. Classic Smooth Buzz Cut

Odell no longer appears with his trademark blonde curls recently. His new classic buzz cut is kept to the shortest; small part was shaved in the middle of the forehead. They put together so well and bring a clean, cool vibe that every guy in the world desire for. Besides the best part of this haircut is low maintenance and easy to style. Imagine waking up in the morning and having your hair ready to go out. Especially, if you have fuller cheeks, this fade cut will work well with your beard and give you an instant slimming effect.

  1. Tapered Curls

Odell Beckham Jr’s tapered curly hair completely suits his beard cut. It totally shows off his best mixture between short fade cut around the sides and longer on the top. He still keeps his natural texture, but it is trimmed shorter that does not too much styling wax on. With the aim of giving a new hair look, Odell has started a low tape down to the neck and finished clearly on the sides and back. This is a hot and sexy haircut and works well with any guy in the world.

  1. Ultral Blonde Spiral Curls
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We often sported Odell Beckham wearing this hairstyle, which his natural curly hair on the top is bleached. The hair gets shorter down to the back and sides of the head and the beard is styled as a long stubble. Many black guys might think that blonde shade doesn’t suit their skin tone at all. But it totally wrong, lightening your hair not only shows off your own texture but it can catch all others’ attention. Especially, your spiral curls will become one of the most special ones among another style outside. It is absolutely attention-grabbing!!!

  1. Temple Faded Curls

We often catch Odell wearing this Temple Faded Curls style at lots of sports events before. A temple fade starts in front of the ears and down to the sides creating a clean style and versatile appearance with a defined shape.  Also, this hair can help you look higher at the same time add some width to the upper of your face so that it can balance your sharp and strong jaw, make the face look smaller. This haircut combines with blonde highlights at the top will definitely make you cooler and sexier.

  1. The Long Mohawk Hairstyle

Similar to most of his long hair, the low tape still starts in front of his ears and down to the neck and finish clearly around the sides. This low fade has created a deep contrast between the longer on the top and taper fade below. The long hair on the top like Mohawk that you can easily braid out and twist it up to get different looks.

  1. High Top Curls

This is one of the best haircuts for guys who are searching for a solution to slim your face. Adding length by a Trench beard and height with shaped curls both above and below your face will definitely decrease the width and roundness. You also need to go to the salon more frequently to fresh your fade and reshape this high top haircut.

  1. Blonde Mohawk Curls

Blonde Mohawk Curls is considered to be one of the hottest hairstyles for every guy in the world. There is a deep contrast between the long blonde Mohawk on the top against closely black fade sides. The hairline is shaved in the middle of the forehead which frames perfectly his faces and accentuates the features. His blonde Mohawk is styled to keep longer curls which help him to stand out of the crowd.

These are some of the hair inspiration for who are looking for a cool and unique hair appearance. Are you ready to update your fresh look??

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