26 Aug

Homemade hair mask for maintenance

Using hair extensions has become popular as one of effective hair beauty tools which hair stylist based on for creating the attractive hairstyle for users. Instead of choosing hair beauty treatment in the hair salon with chemical and heat treatment, people tend to use safer way to their hair. Hair extensions are the best choice for enhancing people looks.

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In addition, having right maintenance tips will keep your hair extensions in longer lifespan and conditions. There are some maintenance tips that people can practice at their house, which means hair care treatments are simple and healthy to their hair.

It is believed that using hair conditioner will keep your hair in the best condition. However, it is not easy for anyone decision which hair conditioner products are suitable for their hair. Instead of confusing about them, you can prepare homemade conditioner for your hair. The mask for their hair, especially when they apply for hair extensions, is necessary to get stronger hair condition.

First homemade hair mask for your hair is using egg. The mixture of egg, mayonnaise, and yogurt is the perfect mask for the improvement action for your hair. With the healthier hair mask application, your hair condition will be improved as a whole, which means your scalp is stronger also.

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You need a half cup of yogurt, half cup mayo and one egg for the perfect hair mask. Be noticed that we use white egg only. Make the mixture blended then apply in your hair from the roots to tips. Wash after 30 minutes and relax. You can apply shampoo if necessary for wash your hair clean.


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Honey can be used as one of the powerful components for the hair conditioner. It is believed that honey can bring back the soft and clean hair. Moreover, with the mixture of honey and olive oil, your hair damaged can be recovered. You need the half cup of honey and added 4 tablespoons of olive oil which can flexible use if your hair is oily hair type. Apply to your hair and massage gently and relax for 30 minutes. Finish after washing clean their hair with warm water and shampoo.

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Moreover, coconut oil is very effective in helping your hair in soft condition. You need one spoon of coconut oil, one egg yolk and one cup of water. It will bring enough moisture for your hair and make them stronger.

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In fact, avocado plays important roles in providing nutrition for all our skin and hair. Shiny and soft hair will be brought after using avocado mask regularly. We prepare one avocado, two spoons of olive oil, heavy cream, and water. Blend them together and apply to your hair for 20 minutes. Washing your hair with shampoo then wait for the recovering of your hair condition.

With some natural conditioner tips, having stronger hair is not much difficult. Even you apply for hair extensions, especially human hair extensions as McSara hair extensions, natural tips are still suitable as you can treat them at the same time to get the best hair conditions and favorable hairstyle.

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