09 Feb

Healthy hair mask for hair extensions

Investing in enhancing people looks is the long-term investing and it also brings large effect for people in a long period. Changing in the new hairstyle that people haven’t try before can bring the fresh looks for people. With the changing in hairstyle, people also have to concern about hair care tips for recover the damaged hair after treating with chemical and heat. Based on that, people tend to use friendly hair tools to avoid a risk of damage and eliminate the task to improve the hair health. Besides the hair care in the hair salon, take care of hairstyle at home is also important. It is better that people can take time for care about their hairstyle with natural hair care treatment.


A natural mask can be applied to improve people hair after take hair beauty treatment or keep them in best conditions. Eggs are used as the important element in the hair mask. The whole eggs can be applied for the hair care purpose.  Normally, people usually add the entire egg in hair mask to provide the best condition for the hair. Besides, egg white is recommended to use for the oily hair and the egg yolks only to use for moisture adding which most improve the dried hair.

Can a scalp exfoliating system 1

With applying for hair extensions, for example, the natural hair of the human hair extensions as McSara extensions from Vietnam or Cambodia, it allows people to apply hair mask for both types of hair. Egge’s mask can be applied in 20 minutes. Washing hair clearly with cool water and shampoo to make sure your hair is totally clean. They can apply eggs mask for every 2 weeks to see the difference in hair conditions.

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Regarding apply hair extensions. Even human hair extensions as McSara hair extensions, it is possible for the existing of dull hair without proper care. To avoid the risk of dull hair, sour cream or plain yogurt products are suggested for applying.

You need a half cup of sour cream or plain yogurt then set for 20 minutes apply every week to get the better change in hair condition. Regularly care about hair with the natural mask, people can see the positive changing after a period time of applying.

Natural hair care 4

Lemon is one of the familiar components which believed to work well in improve the dull hair and also eliminate the risk of shed hair. Lemon improves itchy scalp which is from your stress, pollution, and poor diet or illness. The mask from lemon juice and olive oil mask is the perfect mixture to deal with people hair problems.

Component for using is mixture olive oil, lemon, and water in the formula 2:2:2 then massages into damp scalp. Leave your hair with time for 20 minutes, then wash hair carefully with shampoo hair. For the active of lemon, it requires people clean carefully as they can get further damaged if the lemon still in vietnam hair. Dull hair can be recovered by using every week.

In short, there is some natural hair cares that people can usually apply for their hair at home to gain stronger and healthier hair.


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