06 May

Hair Mistakes You’re Making with your hair

Hair extensions is becoming more popular than ever, especially Virgin human hair from Mcsara hair. But, afer buying the hair, have you ever think about “The mistakes you’re making with your hair”? There are four things you should read bellow:

1. Using the Wrong Shampoo
The first thing important for your hair is the good Shampoo. Everyone thinks it is simple. However, who knew that there was so much you could be doing wrong with your shampoo? it’s not just about shampooing less frequently or using a sulfate-free shampoo.

Hair Mistakes You’re Making with your hair

Take note of your hair type or coloring proclivities and go from there. Some shampoos can wreak havoc on colored hair, so it’s important to use one formulated for color-treated hair if you color your hair. If your hair is very oily and lacks volume, you probably don’t want a shampoo with heavy moisturizers, just as if your hair is on the frizzy or poofy side, you wouldn’t want to use a volumizing one.”

2. Put Your Dryer on the Highest Heat
Please note that, the higher the heat, the smoother the blowout. According to Women’s Health, super-hot settings actually cause the water in your hair to boil which can result in cuticle damage.

Hair Mistakes You’re Making with your hair-1

The questions is, how to minimize the damage? Most importantly, we advise using a heat-protection product. Moreover, rough dry the hair at a medium temperature until it’s about 50% dry before you go in with a brush and turn up the heat. Last but not least, try not to let the dryer nozzle have too much contact with your hair.
3. Use a Flatiron Without Protection
Using flatiron or other machine in order to make the texture for your hair without protection caused a lot problem. It is like having a drunken one-night stand with a stranger: inadvisable, potentially dangerous, and something you may regret later. But we do it anyways in our quest for straight hair. When you do decide to straighten your hair, use protection in the form of a thermal protecting spray – otherwise, all that heat can cause breakage and split ends.
4. Bleaching too much time

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Hair Mistakes You’re Making with your hair-2

We already know that bleach is bad for our hair, but we do it anyway. People know that, the great product that can be added to the bleach mixture to prevent breakage, and help mend already damaged hair. In addition, personally switched to highlights instead of a double-process blonde – it not only saves half of my hair from any chemical processing, but it’s safer for preggo ladies like me because the bleach doesn’t come into contact with the scalp.

If you ever do one of those things on the Vietnamese hair or Cambodian hair which are purchased from Mcsara, please stop immediately, and find the professional hair care in order to restore your hair. Good luck!

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