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Hair length chart weave of MCSARA Hair

 Weave hair extensions or so-called sewn-in hair is a popular method where the extensions are sewn into braided hair. With these hair extensions, you can get your dream hair in matters of a few minutes. And there is a thing that as important as choosing the hair of your dreams. That is choosing your length of hair extensions. If you’re a newbie in the world of hair extensions and wondering about which hair length chart weave suits you, keep reading! Here, MCSARA provides you with the best hair length guideline for you to follow when ordering.

How to measure the hair lengths of MCSARA hair extension?

The length of our products depends on the texture. With the same length, the wavy hair looks shorter than straight hair but longer than curly hair. The reason is that this hair length is measured when the hair strand is in straight form.

Straight Hair: Your hair will appear in its actual length. This is because there are no kinks or bends in your mane, resulting in strands that hang long. For example, if you have 12 inches of length, your hair will likely fall just past your shoulders.

Wavy Hair: Your hair may appear a tad shorter than it actually is. This is because you have a bit of a bend to your hair texture. So, if you have 12 inches of length, you’ll generally have a shoulder-length mane.

Curly Hair: Your hair will appear an inch or two shorter than it actually is since you have tighter kinks and coils throughout your mane. This means if you have 12 inches of length, your hair will fall about an inch or two above your shoulders.

If you are wondering about which hair extension’s length suit you, read the following helpful information now.

– The length of our hair extension depends on the texture you choose. Our straight hair lies completely flat when it’s measured.
– However, for wavy or curly hair, it is not simple like that. You need to pull the hair strands in a straight line and the hair length is different with straight hair that is the length of pulling the hair.

length product - MCSARA Hair

What is the different hair length chart weave?

It may is a difficult question when referring to hair lengths because there are often misunderstandings when someone describes the different hair lengths to another person, the consequences could be rather unpleasant. Simply, the different hair lengths mean that the lengths of hair measured at the level of body parts from ear to ankle. In order to avoid any further confusion about hair lengths and their definition, MCSARA created a handy hair length chart weave to show us the most common lengths.

What are the different hair lengths - MCSARA Hair

1. Hair length chart weave: Shorthair (6 inches – 12 inches)

It is from above the ear to the chin that is a suitable length for some short hairstyles like bob, pixie… The short hairdo is often chosen as a brilliant way to create a dramatic change in your personal style, however, more women choose to cut their hair short because it is far less maintenance to keep looking styled and beautiful daily. For this reason, short hair is incredibly popular for new moms and busy career women, so they can spend their mornings on other important parts of their life that are taking up more and more of their time.

  • 6 inch weave hair: 6-inch hair extensions are of the shortest length size which is only about 15 centimeters. Despite their modest length, you shouldn’t think that they are useless and unattractive. 6-inch hair extensions most suitable types for short hair and you can completely make many different hairstyles when you wear them on such as straight bob, curved bob, curly or straight short hair, etc.
  • 8 inch weave hair: 8-inch hair extensions are equal to 20 centimeters. If you think a short size limit the hairstyles, you get it wrong. MCSARA is proud to guarantee all of our products are high-qualified with many outstanding features as below. 8-inch of hair extensions is welcomed by wholesale hair suppliers.straightened.
  • 10 inch weave hair: 10-inch hair extensions is not too long but not too short, which is approximately 25 centimeters so that it is a suitable choice for medium hairstyles. The length of 10-inch hair extensions is defined when they are maximally
  • 12 inch weave hair: The length, equally to 30 centimeters that reaches the chin or longer will be ideal for bob, lob hairstyles.

2. Hair length chart weave: Medium hair (14 inches – 22 inches)

The shoulder length is another name of medium-length hair. It is super trendy and flatters just about any hair type. Not only that but it’s also the most common hair weave length!
Medium hair is so versatile and leaves the doors open to experiment with lots of different styles, from bangs to wispy waves to highlights and trendy ombre, the possibilities are endless.

  • 14 inch weave hair: it is about 35 centimeters which are long and beautiful enough to make your hair become impressive. As for girls who don’t want to have their adding hair which is too short or too long, 14 inch hair extensions can be the most suitable choice.
  • 16 inch weave hair: Natural hair length that reaches the shoulder or longer will be transformed into hair that extends past the collar bone.
  • 18 inch weave hair: If you want the length of hair extensions to reach the middle of your back or shorter, we recommend ordering the 18 inch weave hair.
  • 20 inch weave hair: Natural hair length that reaches the collar bone can be transformed into hair that extends to the middle of the back with 20 inch weave hair.
  • 22 inch weave hair: To be precise, the 22 inch weave is about 55 cm long. This means that for an averagely tall woman, the hair extension will go slightly below her mid-back. Anytime you want the hair to be a little longer than the middle back, use the 22-inch.

3. Hair length chart weave: Long hair (2 inches – 32 inches)

Armpit length or longer is also long-length hair. It is a style that simply doesn’t get old. From the past, long hair has been considered as the trademark of beauty, femininity, and fashion. You can combine this length with many textures because it is long enough to style any hairdo.

  • 24 inch weave hair: These extensions have a length of 24 inches which is about 60 centimeters. It can reach over your hip, even reach your behind if you are not too tall. This length will actually make you outstanding in the crowd because it is very long and can make a lot of different textures.
  • 26 inch weave hair: With this impressive length, 26 inch weave hair extensions can reach the waist of a girl with the standard body.
  • 28 inch weave hair: If you wear a wig with this length, these hair extensions can reach to your waist, even over if your body is not too tall. If you ‘re a feminine girl, these hair extensions can be a great option because they give you a perfect long mermaid appearance.
  • 30 inch weave hair: Beautiful, long, and smooth 30 inch weave hair extensions can give your hair an ideal length that can reach your hip.
  • 32 inch weave hair: These longest hair extensions can reach to your behind.  The length of 80 cm hair weave hair extension will actually make you become the talk of the town.

Before buying any type of hair extensions, you should consult about what texture and length suit your face to get a gorgeous hairstyle. Good luck!

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