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Hair Inspiration by Mariah Carey

It’s always Mariah Carey when it comes to beauty influences, and have you ever even wondered why all of her hairstyles are so pretty? Have you ever been asking yourself how to have that hella gorgeous lock, and if those dos could really fit you? Well, for that happen, let’s have a look back at some most iconic moments of Mariah Carey’s hairstyle to see if any of those inspires you, shall we?

In case you have not recognized her, Mariah Carey is an American singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and entrepreneur. The star was born on March 27, 1969, and rose into fame in 1990 after her very first album produces by Columbia Records. Mariah Carey is true, as the Guinness World Records calls her, a “Songbird Supreme”, thanks to her insane vocal range and her skillful vocal run. Following her first success, Mariah Carey continued to achieve her title as the only artist to have their first five albums top the US Billboard Hot 100. Soon after, she gained recognition from all over the world in R&B and pop genres. Some of her most successful singles are “Without You”, “All I want for Christmas is you”, and “Always be my baby”, which are all placed in the Billboard’s Song of the Decade (the 1990s). Mariah Carey is that one singer who is good enough to call herself a “diva”. In 2005, the star, again, reached the top of the music chart with her single “We Belong Together”. As soon as the single was released, it became the US’s number one song in 2005 and later placed on the Billboard’s Song of the Decade (the 2000s). With a total of 19 songs to top the US Billboard Hot 100 and roughly 66.5 million certified albums, Mariah Carey becomes one of the best-selling music artists of all time, with five Grammy Awards and fifteen Billboard Music Awards.

It seems like not only her music career that matters, cause’ the star herself is totally a beauty icon since day one. In terms of beauty influence, Mariah Carey has recently launched her second collection as a M.A.C partnership, which has solidified certified her icon status. As a beauty icon herself, Mariah Carey always makes good judges on what hairstyle would look good on her. And we can’t wait to show you how varied Mariah Carey hairstyles are and how she would be your perfect hair inspiration.

 #1 Flat Iron Hairstyle

Making her appearance in Las Vegas, February 14, the 51-year-old showed off her ageless beauty with her flat iron hairstyle. In fact, Mariah Carey’s hair has always been looking amazing with her signature butterscotch highlights shade. The center-parted super long lock has really made an impressive comeback after a while of the songstress’s hiatus. For this hairstyle, you will need a blow dryer and a flat iron as the tool. You want to apply a small amount of hairspray before using the flat iron to straighten your hair. And don’t forget to use the heat protectant as well, or else you’ll ruin your hair soon. After finish straightening your hair, remember to use some smoothing shine and blow-dry your hair at the medium heat to get the most desirable result.

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#2 Long Wavy Hairstyle

Being one of the most go-to dos of Mariah Carey hairstyle, this dark caramel blonde lock is the perfect choice for your dramatic glam Holiday look. To achieve this look, you want to have a 1.5-inch curling wand. Wrap your hair in different directions for a wild yet tamed effect, then add a bit of extension to the back to add some grandiose vibe to your lock. You want to finish the look with a thin layer of hairspray to keep your hair voluminous. And again, don’t forget to use the heat protectant in advance. A special thing about this wavy hairstyle is that it suits almost every face shape, from oval to round, heart, and triangular. If you’re having problems with your fine hair, then this hairstyle is a great option to go for.

#3 Side Swept Bow Wave Hairstyle

Subtle layers cut around the front and sided for shape with a little blow-wave make it the perfect turn-head hairstyle for every event. The diva has made a good judge choosing this hair as it fits perfectly for women with fine or medium hair texture. Girls with oval, oblong, square, and diamond face shape would suit the best with this hairstyle.

#4 Large Curly Hairstyle

Mariah Carey looks lovely here in her brunette large curls. This hairstyle is a match made in heaven with those who have heart or diamond face shape, as it’s super bouncy and dimensional, which will balance your broad forehead and your jawline. The light brunette shade adds some points to your look, and it works super well with medium complexions and dark eye colors.

#5 Curly Hair

Curly hair looks good on Mariah Carey and that’s the fact. This bouncy curly hairstyle really brings us back to the 1990s where all the iconic beauty trends emerge. Again, those with oval and square face shape go well with this hairstyle, and it is the best for medium and coarse hair texture, as well as a great way to add volumes for thin hair girls. You want to blow dry your hair before applying a small amount of mousse to your hair to get rid of the fly-aways. Separate your hair into small segments and work your curling iron follow the curl’s natural pattern. Make sure to deep condition and hydrate your hair beforehand to prevent frizz and breakages.

Did any of these Mariah Carey hairstyles capture your attention yet? If not, what’s your ideal hairstyle? Make sure to leave your comment in the comment section below and share your thought on these hair inspirations by Mariah Carey.

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