22 Jun

Which Hair Extensions are Right for You?

Every bride wants gorgeous wedding-day hair. While plenty of brides rock short hair, most recent brides we’ve asked told us they spent a year or more growing out their locks before the big day — and other brides took a shortcut and added hair extensions instead.

Which Hair Extensions are Right 1

Here, a guide to the various methods:

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Many brides opt for clip-in hair because there’s no commitment required; you just add in the clips when you want longer locks and remove them when you’re done. We have so many different shades available, so it’s easy to find a match for your hair color — and if you somehow can’t find a perfect match, these human hair extensions can also be dyed.

Clip-in hair extensions provide ultimate flexibility. Add all of them for maximum fullness, or just add a strip or two to give your updo a little boost. And with proper care, your extensions can last for years.

Tip: Teasing your roots helps the extensions stay in place — it gives the clips something to grip. One caveat is that the extensions can feel heavy throughout the day, due to the metal combs used to hold them in place. But if you’re looking for longer/thicker hair just for the wedding day, these are the perfect solution.

Tape-in Extensions

More permanent than clip-ins but not as long-lasting as strand-by-strand bonds, these are a good compromise for a bride who doesn’t want to worry about applying extensions on the morning of her wedding. You can have tape-in hair extension added about two weeks before the big day, and they’ll last you well through your honeymoon. Plus, the strands are reusable — your stylist will just need to apply more adhesive.

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Which Hair Extensions are Right 2

How it works: One-inch strips are added to your hair, sandwiching your real hair between two strips and using a heat tool to bond the pieces together. They’re applied close to your root to prevent them from being visible — but if you feel tugging after application, speak up and your stylist can move the too-tight strand lower.

Strand-by-Strand Bonded Extensions

The most permanent option, these extensions will last four to six months with proper maintenance. Small bunches of hair extensions are bonded to your natural hair using keratin and a heat tool. Your stylist will apply an average of 120 150 individual pieces to your hair, depending on your current thickness (I had about 90 in my hair).

Because such small pieces are bonded together, these extensions give you ultimate flexibility for your wedding-day hairstyle — it’s much easier to hide these small bundles than it is to hide clips or one-inch strips.

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