31 May

Hair care routine for ombre hair

Color-treated hair is pretty challenging to take care of, let alone, ombre hair. Ombre hair undergoes more chemical process than basic colored hair. Your real hair will definitely have a higher chance of being negatively affected such as hair loosing, end split and dried out easily. So, learn how to well treat your ombre hair is so important to maintain the beauty of this hairstyle.

Normally, ombre hair requires bleaching, especially, the half at the end of your hair. Therefore, before bleaching your hair and dye it, take these notes below to make sure your hair is healthy enough to suffer from bleaching and to avoid damaging afterward.Hair care routine for ombre hair 1

Pay attention to deeply condition after washing your hair. You can do the hair cleaning first then apply conditioner and leave it for a few minute before you rinse it away. It will be convenient if you do it during your shower. Plus, you can use either the leave in conditioner or the regular one you have, both are fair enough.

Don’t forget to treat your hair with a hair mask. The hair mask is super useful to hydrate and provides nutrients to your real hair. If you are a busy desk worker, buy yourself a ready hair mask at any drug store or supermarket. While, if you have some spare time, do it by yourself, using the ingredients in your own kitchen such as oil, avocados, eggs, bananas, honey, etc. For the mask, one or twice week is suggested.

Dark hair might require several times of bleaching so after the initial time, apply a generous amount of conditioner to make up the lost moisture. Don’t only shampooing your hair without conditioner because shampoo only will strip out your hair’s moisture. Let your hair rest for at least 4 days before the next bleaching.

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Hair care routine for ombre hair 2

After bleaching and dyeing your hair, it will be very vulnerable such as it will be dry and brittle. The best way is to trim off a little bit the end of your hair because it will probably split or fall off anyway.

Don’t wash your hair daily because it only takes the moisture away. Instead, do it for 3 to 4 times a week and use mild and organic shampoos. Also, remember to apply conditioner and use hair mask just like how you do before the dyeing process.

If you have to spend time in the sun, protect your hair from sun rays by putting on a hat. Likewise, purchase some products of sunblock to give your hair the best protection.

Experiment ombre hair is a fun way to spice up your look, but you have to follow proper hair care to maintain its beauty and more importantly, its health. It will take a little bit of your time but it’s totally worth it. All you have to keep in mind is the process of taking care of your real hair extensions before, during and after the chemical suffering in order to achieve fabulous and gorgeous hair.

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