24 Sep

All Our Favorite Looks from AFROPUNK Festival 2018

An Afropunk to Remember! Check Out Our Favorite Looks from Afropunk

When it comes down to wacky hairstyles, vibrant clothing, and fantastic music, I think festivals are all of our hidden weaknesses.

The most popular music festival of the year is Coachella, but the most memorable must be Afro-punk. Last weekend thousands of people came into Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park for one of a kind music festival.

Afro-punk revolves around hairstyles, clothing, and culture related to Afrocentrism. Of course, everyone is welcome, but the festival has curated space for African-American people from various backgrounds to celebrate black music, fashion, hair, and beauty in the most unapologetic way. 2018 marks 13-year anniversary, and its attendees were looking as beautiful and happier as ever.

When people say they go to Afro-punk only to watch the performances, I know they must be kidding. The hairstyles, food, looks, and energy are what downright separates this festival from all the rest. What we love about Afro-punk the most is the freedom it allows us to have and show to others.

Here’s a list of our favorite looks from Afropunk 2018, as well as some specific attendees who did their best to stand out from the crowd!

Looks from AFROPUNK Festival 1

Flower Child

The use of flowers this year at Afropunk is genuinely insane.

Many women and men incorporate these stunning plants as a part of their ensemble every time at this festival.

This beautiful woman takes advantage of the use of her dreads and creates a high ponytail that resembles a bouquet of flowers. This hairstyle is just stunning and will catch your attention in a matter of seconds. She compliments the look by adding matching sunflower earrings that you can also spot from a mile away.

Looks from AFROPUNK Festival 2

These looks are enough to make any festival newcomer fall in love. Remember that these flowers are not only for your hair, but people also incorporate these beauties in their wardrobe as well.

So, if you plan on attending Afro-punk next year, you should know flowers will never go out of style.

Looks from AFROPUNK Festival 3

Head and Face Jewelry

If you’re thinking about attending Afro-punk and going out with a bang, you cannot forget to wear some attractive jewelry.

It seems like this year head jewels were the main attraction. You could find attendees rocking glitzy, sequent, or sparkly chains on their head. Some concertgoers would even go the extra mile and attach their head ware onto the nose rings giving off an extra Afrocentric look.

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, then you know exactly how cool this accessory can be on someone. The good thing about it is that this jewelry can come in the regular form or an elaborate style that you wear for individual concerts and certain festivals.

Hair chains are perfect for those of you who don’t want to wear the traditional flower crowns. The accessory universally looks best when you wear it over a center part or have bangs covering the forehead. Oversize nose rings are also a big show peace at Afro-punk, especially when it connects to your earring or other face jewelry.

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So if you need some inspiration check out these pics of our favorite chain jewelry looks this year at Afropunk.

Looks from AFROPUNK Festival 4


Of course, if you’re going to Afropunk the one thing that you’re going to see the most are Afros.

The Afros style originated in the mid-1960s and became most popular during the Black Panther movement. During the 1970’s this hairstyle was a statement look for African-Americans, which is why it is a look for Afropunk.

It is a beautiful sight to see all these fantastic people rocking their natural curls to their fullest extent. The Afros this year came in so many different shapes, textures, and colors. From blonde curly wigs to black floral ones, and anyone rocking an Afro style look merely beautiful in them.

Whether you wear yours in bangs, or wild and free, this is one festival where no one would dare to judge you. When it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle for Afro-punk, there should be no need to worry.

Bantu Knots

It’s crazy to think that some people only wear Bantu knots as a heat-free styling method for natural hair. This look is a perfect style to try on the day of the event; you can do it within minutes and with ease.

Some attendees were adding quirky jewels and accessories to the style to make it pop out more. This style looks very ethnic and is suitable for this kind of festival. Whether you want to rock them all over your head, or just put a few knots in the front, you are sure to stand out from the crowd. If you want to spice up this look, try adding cornrows in between the sections, or insert extensions to make the knots appear thicker.

Give this hairstyle a try if you plan on attending Afropunk next year.

Looks from AFROPUNK Festival 5

African Print

Our favorite looks from Afro-punk must be the maxi oversized African print skirts.

These skirts came in many eye-catching colors and designs that will make you say OMG a million times over. I know that most concertgoers try to show off as much skin as possible, but they still manage to make these big skirts look sexy. You can pair them with matching crop tops, bandeau, even a see-through lace or crochet bra.


I’ve also seen confident ladies cut a big slit on the side showing a lot of thighs and adding a spicy touch to the look. As for the makeup choices they are nothing of vibrant. Mixing bright purple, green, or blue lipstick to match their outfit patterns makes them even more eye-catching.

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