05 Jul

Dye your hair extension – Is it impossible?

Using hair extension made from MCSARA hair to become beautiful seems to be more and more popular. The Vietnamese hair can change yourself a lot, make you be the way you want, more charming or sexy. However, it can be unavoidable that those Vietnamese hairs haven’t been dyed with your favorite colors because almost of them are black, brown and a few are blond hairs. So why don’t you change your hair extension to have a new appearance by dying them on your own at home? It won’t be difficult as you think.

Dye your hair extension 1

The first thing you need to do is to choose the color and mix materials right. Choosing good quality hair color products such as from the professional hair color is very essential to make your Vietnamese hair more beautiful without damaging it.

Finishing choosing hair color, let prepare some other necessary supplies used to dye and they are: color bowl and brush, hair color gloves, tin foil, plastic wrap, wide-toothed comb and towel.

First, set up the supplies on a large area and spread sheets of tin foil to make sure your workspace not being colored. Then mix color with a suitable quantity so that it can work for your length hair. If your Vietnamese hair is quite long, you should double the color to apply to avoid running out when applying on your hair extension. It is unnecessary to wash your hair extension but you should brush your hair for not being tangled and easily applying and remember that your hair extension is neither wet nor damp


Before applying hair color, you should put a towel around your shoulders. The towel will avoid color dripping off during the dyeing process. If you decide to use a towel, use one that is a dark color to avoid visibly staining the towel and secure the towel in the front of your neck with a safety pin.

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Using gloved hands and comb is the next vital step. You should use a comb to separate your hair into different sections up to your hair thickness and hold those parts by plastic salon clips. Separating your hair into these sections will ensure that you don’t miss a patch of hair when dyeing your hair and then apply the color

After you’ve applied color to each section of your extensions, loosely cover them with plastic wrap to prevent the color from drying out and leave your hair in about  20 to 40 minutes.

Dye your hair extension 2

When the processing has been completed and the color of your extensions is satisfactory, it’s time to rinse. Cool water is the most suitable to reduce the hair damage and you should do gently. After rinsing about 15–20 minutes, you can use the shampoo which is moisturizing or color-safe.

Completely rising, you will lay a towel down on your workspace. Apply a leave-in conditioner to each section of your extensions and comb them gently with your wide-toothed comb.

Allow the extensions to air-dry thoroughly before using or styling them, especially if you use any kind of heat tools.

Above are basic steps to change your hair color. If you own Vietnamese hair extensions and want them look different, let try with us


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