16 Oct

Dry hair and the causes

Dry hair can be considered to be one of the worst things that happen to your natural hair. If you want to end it, then you have to allocate the main reasons that cause the problem. It can result from hair products, hair care routine, weather, environmental factors, etc. No matter what it is, it can lead to serious breakage, hair loss and split ends.

Dry hair and the causes 1

First of all, let’s have a look at some causes in order to define the root of the issue.

Temperature can be the one that affects your hair condition. If you live in a region with severe temperatures (particularly where there are four seasons and your hair/skin has to adjust to swings), dry hair can be common, as the varying temperatures can strip your hair of its moisture. Colder weather, in particular, can make your hair become dull, increase the likability of split ends, and you may even experience hair loss due to your hair being stripped of its hydration.

Dry hair and the causes 2

Washing routine can also count in this case. If you wash your hair too often, shampoo will strip off the hair’s natural oil and make your scalp dry out which of course lead to dry hair. In the other hand, too little shampoo can do the same thing. Excess oil will build up and clog the pore which prevents your natural oils to be release then make your hair and scalp dry and itchy. Therefore, a proper routine of hair wash is very important which actually decides your hair moisture state. The idea of dealing with this problem is to shampoo less but not necessarily wet and condition hairless. You can limit your shampooing times but still damp your hair with water and condition it as normal and regular. This trick will not strip off your natural oil on the scalp but also get rid of excess oil and give space to natural oils to escape and hydrate your hair. Dry shampoo can also be a friend when you have the greasy look which soaks up oils and add more volume to the hair. However, don’t rely too much on dry shampoo which can even create negative impact if you abuse it.

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Dry hair and the causes 3

Heat will be the direct thing which dries out your hair easily. It is obvious that hair tools such as flat irons, curling irons, dry blowers are the thing that damages your hair due to the heat. The only way to reduce the impact of heat on your natural hair is to use some heat protective products, spray some water on your hair before heading to use heat on them can also be helpful.

The other factor that leads to the problem is chemicals. Soaking your hair in chemicals and color is not a great experience for your hair for sure. You should give your hair some time to recover from the damage. Also, you can go for more organic and natural products for your hair in order to protect it better.

This cause might seem to be odd but genetics is also one of the reasons that you’re your hair dry. If your Mom and Dad have dry hair then you are likely to have a better chance to get dry hair though.

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