06 May

Do you really know what is One piece hair extensions ?

One piece hair extensions is worth trying

One piece hair extensions consist only one piece of hair, it serves users with adding volume and instant length in the quickest way basically.

For instance, one piece clip in hair extensions allow you to add longer, fuller hair quickly and easily. It adds to short hair for instant length and or adds volume and thickness to longer hair. The single welf human hair extensions blends with your natural hair and can be styled, curled, customized to achieve your desired look.

One piece hair extensions is good at adding your hair volume

To be more specific, the clip in 1 piece welf hair extensions is the easiest way to extend the length of your hair. It is quite similar to halo design, but instead of a string that goes over your head, it clips to the back of your head. It is made by attaching several welfts sewn into one thick piece, and the hair is full from top to bottom.

One piece hair extensions comes complete with metal clips attached to the welfs with silicone tubing for a secure grip.

At MCSARA, one piece hair is designed with various colors, from popular colors to rare ones. If you are curious about our products, just visit : mcsara store

We are going to give you some pros and cons of the One piece hair extensions, so you will get a greater detail.

Pros :

  1. Installation is so easy

When compared with Pre bonded or other hair extensions, One piece hair extensions is not difficult at all. You do not need to heat keratin or something like that.

  1. Increase volume, length

If you want to add a little bit of length or volume in your hair, often you have to endure waiting. That’s the worst thing. You want your hairstyle as quick as quickly as possible. That’s why hair extensions are great. You can get as much length or volume as you want either by a quick appointment just by picking up some one piece hair extensions

  1. If you done right, one piece hair extensions looks so real

One piece hair extensions must b made of one hundred percent human hair, be installed correctly, and perfectly match the color of your hair. And then it is just going to look right and working well on you.


Cos : Color must watch !

Color – one thing you should watch out

You can’t settle on color. It is a plain and simple truth that you cannot negotiate on.  The easiest way for someone to figure out that your hair extensions aren’t actually your real hair if the colors don’t match. You need to find out the type that perfectly goes with your color if you want it to end up looking real.

Hope that you will find this article useful and interesting. Do not forget that MCSARA also provide One piece hair extensions made from 100% Vietnamese virgin hair.

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