19 Oct

How to differentiate pre-bonded hair extensions



Hair extension has been the familiar term to many people around the world nowadays. People are searching for their most fitted hair extensions day by day.

The truth is, when you know about something better, it is likely that you will also choose the right product as you want.

However, when it comes to some of the hair industry terms, a lot of people still find it difficult to understand what they are or what do they mean exactly.

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If you are one of those people who are still sitting there and wonder what “pre-bonded” is, congratulations! You have come to the right place.

This article is going to help to understand more clearly about some of the hair industry terms.

First of all, what are pre-bonded hair extensions?

Pre-bonded hair extensions are the hair which is attached with keratin at the end of hair strand. This keratin is to help users to apply the hair easily and conveniently.

Basically, this hair will be applied by heating the keratin of the hair, and then put it directly into your real hair.

There have been many types of prebonded hair extensions which are classified according to the shape of the keratin. It can be called as U-tip (can also be called as nail tip), I-tip, V-tip or flat tip hair extensions. These are all prebonded hair extensions.

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How to differentiate pre-bonded hair extensions  to other types of hair extensions?

Trust me, this is not that difficult task for clients.

Basically, each type of hair extensions will be called by the attachment that it has. For example, tip hair extensions will definitely hair have tip in the hair while clip in hair extensions will absolutely have clips in the hair.

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Therefore, if you want to choose the right hair extensions to your purpose of using, please make sure you know how you want to apply it.


Here’s the thing!

If you want to choose pre-bonded hair extensions, then you will choose the hair which need heating for application.

Tape hair extensions will need the tape to glue into the hair and clip in hair extensions need clips to apply the hair. Just tell the salepeople how you want to apply the hair and they will know exactly what is the hair that you talk about.

How to remove pre-bonded hair extensions?

There are two types of keratins in the market in current time: Italian keratin and Chinese keratin. Each of the keratin will need different liquid to remove the tip out of your hair extensions.

If your hair extension is made of Italian keratin, then alcohol based solution might is what you need to remove the hair.

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If your hair extenion is made of Chinese keratin, you will need acetone based solution to help you.

These are some of the things you should know about pre-bonded hair extensions. We really hope that you can get some of the useful information about hair extensions so you can choose the right hair for yourself.  By the way, we offer both hair extensions and remover. If you don’t mind, please take a look at our products.

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