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Vietnam human hair extensions are considered as effective hair beauty tool, therefore; the demand of using hair extensions is increasing day by day. Women use them to make their hair thicker, longer and more attractive. With the support of Vietnam human hair extensions, you can experience many hairstyles without damaging your own hair. From Vietnam human hair stock, you can choose many different types of hair extensions such as tape in hair extensions, micro bead and so on. Each kind has different characteristic, quality and price. To know more about the difference, we will go further into comparing between micro bead and tape in hair. In this post, we will give you some information about installation process and maintenance of these two kinds of hair extensions. It is very useful for you to make a decision to choose your appropriate hair extensions.

Micro bead

Now, we are going to learn about popular hair extensions – micro bead. You will know more about this type of Vietnam human hair extensions through some following information.


  • Installation process

This type of hair extensions is installed on your own hair by a safe process without using heat or glue. Small ringed beads are used to connect hair extensions with small sections of your own hair. After applying micro bead, you can feel uncomfortable because the weight of the extensions. However, everything will be fine after a few days.

  • Maintenance

After installing micro bead, you should not wash your hair for 2 to 3 days because the extensions need time to completely set. When it is okay, you can wash your hair about 3 times a week. You should be careful in choosing shampoo and conditioner for your Vietnam human hair extensions because they can damage your hair if you do not choose the right kinds.

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Tape in hair

This is also a common type because it is simple and necessary to apply. Let’s see how it different from micro bead


  • Installation process

It is rather simple to install tape in hair extensions. Your own hair is divided into many small sections. Then, the extensions are placed on your hair, 1 cm from your hair roots. The extensions are installed row by row until the back of the scalp is covered. With tape in hair extensions, medium heat is used to help the adhesive attach the hair.

  • Maintenance

This type of Vietnam human hair extensions takes less time to be ready for washing than micro bead. You should spend 48 hours for your extensions to be fine. Otherwise, the adhesive will be affected. After 48 hours, you can wash your hair every 2 to 3 days. Like micro bead extensions, tape in hair extensions also need right shampoo and conditioners, therefore; be careful when choose them.

In addition, you should remember one thing when apply these two types: when you go swimming, it is important that you wear swimming cap because it will protect your hair from being damaged by water in pool.

Above are some differences in installation process and maintenance between two types of Vietnam human hair extensions: micro bead and tape in hair. Hope that this will be useful for you to choose the suitable hair extensions yourself.


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