06 Aug

Difference between hand-tied wefts and machine wefts

There are a lot of concerns about hair extension products but one of the most frequently asked questions is “what is the difference between hand-tied wefts and machine-tied wefts?” This question is very popular. This is mainly due to the fact that  hair extensions with hand-tied wefts are sold at a premium price. What puzzles so many people is why they cost so much and what the benefits are.

Difference between weft

First, this blog post, we would like to describe the process to you:

A hand-tied weft is essentially a seam that holds all of the base ends of the hair together and is manually woven into the weave by a human and custom attention is given to each weave whereas a machine weft is hair that is fed into a machine and weaved tightly into the seam, this happens in a manner similar to that of the sewing machine.

So what are the benefits of a hand-tied weft?

Firstly, the hand-tied weft is usually significantly slimmer than the standard machine-tied weft and the slimmer the weft the easier it is to hide and less-likely for someone to detect if they touch your head. Hair that is machine-wefted tends to be bulkier. This is an important factor because no-one wants anyone to see or feel their weave.

Secondly, another great benefit of hand-tied hair extensions is that the hair on a hand-tied weft is much more securely attached to the weft. This means that each strand of hair will remain attached to the weft much longer than their counterparts which are machine-sewn. Hair from hand-tied wefts does not shred because of this and therefore the hair extensions last longer.


The limitations of hand-tied wefts are that it is recommended that the weft is not cut.  You have to use the whole piece without cutting it. If the weft exceeds the needed length of the track, then merely fold over the end and double-up the weft to the length that is needed. If the hand-tied weft gets cut, the weft will unravel.
Another limitation of hand-tied wefts are that due to the slimness of the weft, you can only really sew in the tracks, bonding the glue to the slim weft without getting any on the hair is quite a challenge and can be quite messy.

“If hand wefts are so great, why are machine wefts so popular and the best seller on the market?”. Machine wefts are more sturdy and can be cut without un raveling and so is very popular with stylists who are not skilled to deal with hand wefts, also the ability to cut the weft allows for more flexibility with the hair style. The negative side to machine wefts usually is the shredding of the hair, however the suppliers re-inforce the weft and so the shredding of our hair is kept to a bare minimum meaning that the lifespan of the hair is longer. Both machine-wefted and hand-wefted hair can be re-used over and over again.

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