29 Jun

Color hair extensions choose perfect for girls

You want to dye your hair but you are afraid that the toxic chemicals in hair dyes can damage your Vietnam remy hair.
You want to dye your hair but you are afraid of having to redye your hair when it grows.
You want to dye your hair but you don’t know what is the latest hair color trend and which one suits you most.
You want to dye your hair but you get difficulty in looking for a reputable address.

choose color hair extensions
Why do not you use Vietnam remy color hair extensions?
Using hair extensions is very safe with health and change hairstyle regularly. So, you can not skipping MCSARA hair company – the best color hair extensions from VietNam.
MCSARA is known as one of the leading export hair company in Vietnam with more than 25 year of experience in hair industry. Doing business with slogan “Reputation is more valuable than gold”, we always make sure to provide our customers with the best products which are 100% Vietnam remy hair. It is soft, shine and straight without nits, lice and insects. The length of hair is from 10 inches up to 40 inches. Furthermore, there is a wide range of colors to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Not only our Vietnam remy hair various but also keeps up with the latest hair color trends. Especially, it is completely safe for your Vietnam remy hair. In this post, we will show you some of the most typical colors that are ordered by a majority of customers.

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Black color hair extensions


Red color hair extensions

deep curly


Ombre color hair extensions

14 inch weaves

Blonde color hair extensions


Brown hair color extensions


Mix color hair extensions


Up to now, MCSARA has become a reliable partner of many countries like American, Brazil, Israel, Nigeria, Indian, Korea, etc. We aim to gradually confirming Vietnam’s hair brand name in the world market. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you shine with a beautiful and safe hair.

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