10 Feb

How to choose the best hair color for your skin tones

Figuring out the real hair extensions color for your skin tone is very important because the best hair color for you is the one that is going to make you look your most attractive so having the right hair color makes a big difference in how you look.

You are wondering how to choose a real hair extensions color that works best for your skin tone?



Firstly you have to dertermine whether you have warm toned skin, cool toned skin or neutral skin tone

If you have warm skin tones it is the best to stick with warm colors as gold, golden brown, honey and caramek through to the richest of autumn hues.  In which, for fair skin a warm golden blonde will look great and for darker skin a warm brown might be especially flattering. With this type of skin tone you avoid colors like ash and colors with blue or purple hues.


How about the cool skin tones? With cool skin tones it is best to stick cool colors. It would look nice  with ash blonde for fair skin colors  but with for darker skin color it will be good with red, blue under rones or burgundy and you have to  avoid colors with orange, yellow or reddish  under tones which might through your skin tone our of balance

You have Neutral Skin tones? It means you may look light – skinned during colder months of the year and develop a tan in the summertime. You are lucky you can go either way with a warm golden color or a deep burgundy. The best choice for neutral skin tone is finding a color that makes you


Your most beautiful virgin hair extensions color will bring out the subtleties of your skin tone and enhance ít natural beauty. To choose a hair color that suitable for you, it also depend on some other facters as face shapes, eyes tone,….But almost it depend on the skin tones. We will talk more about the face shapes and eyes tones in the next time so that you can choose the best virgin remy hair.



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