02 Mar


You choose a beautiful color for your virgin remy hair extensions but only a little time the hair is faded, dull or not shiny. Here are tips to help you keep better and durable colored hair.


  1. Do not wash your hair on the day you dye it, but if your skin is allergic, using conditional immediately to remedy this situation.
  2. After dying hair, avoiding using shampoo during about 2 days to keep the new color layer clinging to the cells of hair deeper layers and the color will last longer.
  3. Using shampoos and hair lotions suitably for each hair type. You should choose the oils for hair dying. The normal shampoos often cause discoloration and can make your hair become less coarse and smooth.
  4. You should wash the hair with shower under cold water because hot water quickly faded color hair easy and loss of hair shiny, while cold water will keep longer dyed hair color.
  5. You should not use often hair dryer for regular air and in high temperature, the heat will make the hair oxidized, becoming pale and dull. Hair dryer at temperatures up small should not dry your hair and protect your color. If possible, let your hair dry naturally is better.
  6. Dying hair color effects as a new mechanism rather than a gloss and smooth hair as you thought. The most obvious change is that the hair will become dry and split ends. Applying nourishing mask 2 times a week will help you improve the situation somewhat.
  1. Choosing moisturizing shampoo for the hair to keep hair hydrated. Shampoos labeled “Color protective” on the label, with gentle ingredients; it will remove the stains of dirt, and protect the best hair.
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  1. About 1 time of a month, you should add about 2 tablespoons of shampoo into the dye to rebalance the state of the hair after dying. Each time, you just need to keep about 3-5 minutes, then wash lightly over warm water to provide color to the hair


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