24 Jan

Better hair care treatment for hair extensions

Hair extensions can be last for the longer time with proper hair care treatments of users. It is better to combine both the routine hair care and the specific hair care treatment at a hair salon with the expert. It is easy to get hair care guideline that available on the internet that people can access. However, not all of the hair care treatments are suitable for your condition and hair extensions characteristic. Therefore, it is better to get correct hair care maintenance for your hair extensions and hairstyle.

First routine hair care that people usually do at home is washing. When using hair extensions, even human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions, people should avoid washing no more than 3 times per week. Before washing, it is required to detangle hair by brushing with the special wide-tooth comb. Besides, using hair conditioner and shampoo are still encouraged for removing dirt and provide additional moisture. Be noticed that the hair product should be designed especially for hair extensions that you can ask the expert for further information.

While washing hair, keep your head in the upright position, ideally using the shower for washing. Washing your hair gently and massage the scalp. The healthy scalp will help to carry the added hair when applying clip-in hair extensions or tap-in. People are advised not to wash the hair with circle actions, which can lead to the risk of a tangle and shed hair.


After washing, your hair must be dried totally before going to sleep or take further hair beaut actions. With hair added to your existing hair as McSara hair extensions, which one of the Vietnam human hair extensions products, can be dried with the dry blower if people do not have enough time. Be notice about the heat level to protect your hair from dried hair.

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Before going to sleep, your hair should be tie up gently for avoid tangling then ready for next time of using. Well, hair care treatment at night save your time for the next morning.

Heat can be used for styling your hair extensions. With Vietnam human hair extensions, as McSara hair extensions products, it is possible for styling them but in the eliminate applying further beauty hair treatment. It is suggested to apply hairspray, gels, and serums for avoiding dried hair. Heat still influences the bonds then takes attention carefully before applying further beauty hair treatment with heat.

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Some people use hair extensions for daily using, which they act together with hair extensions as swimming, take outdoor activities. Simple, the sunlight affects directly into your hair and the hair extensions. Then, keep a small comb to check hair condition whenever needed.

Although people can work together with hair extensions in case they have suitable after hair care, it is still advised to do not swim while applying for hair extensions. Keep your hair in the dried condition as much as possible then do not let them wet. Using the hat and rinsing with fresh water if you still decide to take a swimming.

With suitable hair care treatments, people can keep their hair extensions products in better condition then people can gain beauty effect for their hairstyle.

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