12 Nov

Best Taylor Swift’s Hairstyles

This princess of country music is not only famous for her talented voice, but also for her dream hair and gorgeous appearance. Soon after her debut album, she’s becoming a hot face for a lot of fashion and make-up brands for her glowing beauty. As well as her beautiful voice, her hairstyle is also one of her highlight features.

She always shows up in front the crowd with stunning appearance with her dream hair looking like she’s wearing the best quality 22 inches weave hair extensions. With scrolling through her best hairstyles may you find your favorite ones to improve your hair look. These following hairstyles are super suitable for using 22 inch weave hair extensions or for using hair accessories as well.

  1. Hairstyle with Fringe

Her straight blonde hair looks more fashionable with bangs. Just by having this simple hairstyles, Taylor Swift made herself a real princess. This hairstyle can go with quite a lot of face shapes. Other than cutting your natural hair to have fringe like this, you are completely capable of using clip-in or tape-in hair extensions as your bangs. This straight hair with fringe can give you a young and attractive look. Taylor swift’s straight hairstyle with fringe made a hot trend among young women.

  1. Messy bun

Messy hairstyle may seem to be on trend, but Taylor Swift has tried to make it in a messier way when she showed up in the red carpet. She made a messy bun hairdo which looks both natural and sexy. Her flawless appearance is being wanted more with her sea blue eyed and glowing skin. She’s actually a truly princess in both music and real life. To do this hairstyle, you need to possess wavy hair and then do it in a messy bun. It would be wiser to let some strands out to frame your face. That’s done!

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  1. Casual Pony

 Even in her daily life, Taylor Swift’s beauty is never underrated. Just by pulling back all of her curly hair into a pony, she can still catch everyone’s eyes. You can still have this simple look by doing curly hair and then tie it all up with a rubber band. Remember to let some of your curly strands to be free so that the hairstyle will look more natural and they can be of more help in spotting your beautiful smile. This hairstyle will be best for some many activities like shopping with friends, going out for date and meetings. Also, using hair extensions in this hairstyle can help to add the volume and length to your natural hair.

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