04 Sep


Shoulder length hair- the trend of hair is popular among young people to express themselves. The hair style now is varied, such as curly shoulders, curly bangs, and wavy hair. It is the hairstyle of the stars in the world, especially the hot Kimchi land girls. Surely you will possess the extreme charm when you own one of these beautiful shoulder length styles.

You want to cut the hair over your shoulders but you’re still afraid whether you are fit or not and also don’t know what to choose suitable styles to look younger and more attractive. Let’s see some beautiful hairstyles with shoulder length of Korean stars. That will certainly make sense because of the looks feminine that this hairstyle brings.


Unlike long wavy hair, shoulder length hair brings sweetness in a different style, also brings femininity and youth to the hair owner.

Shoulder length hair is considered to be a hairstyle between long hair and short hair, and it also has a variety of variations to make for a girl. Although it is not as fancy as long hair but shoulder-length hair will bring charm. For women when combined with curly hair or wavy hair gently, it can match the face, helping to honor the delicacy of the hair owner.

Many girls are afraid to have that style because they think the shoulder length hair will make the face look bigger, but in fact it is not. When you curl lightly or stretch with the lock of hair hugging face, this will be the help for the girl with angular face because this hair style will soften the lines with angle. And that is the reason why so many stars with a big face or a square face choose the beautiful shoulder to cover the weakness on the face and they can become confident to express themselves.

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If you own a round face and want to change the style for yourself by styling short shoulder but still feel afraid, let’s see Minh Hang’s hair style for more motivation. It’s believed that you will not be disappointed seeing the youthful 2018 shoulder-length hair that fits well with this round face.

Korean curly hair style is a great choice for dynamic girls. Moreover it is easy to coordinate with many different costumes, helps girls have more confidence when go down the street. You can choose to curl, or gently wavy depending on your taste and face, it will help you stand out in the crowd and feel more confident when participating in every activity. If you choose the curly shoulder length hair style, let try to combine with thin roof to create a balance for the hair.

When having this style, you tend to wash your natural hair every day. Remember not to shampoo too often, as this will cause your hair to lose its natural oils and hardening hair. Besides, you should brush your natural hair gently. After washing your hair with regular shampoo, take about 100ml pure beer, then massage your hair gently so that the nutrients in the beer such as magnesium, biotin, potassium permeate the scalp, help to have strong hair and limit hair breakage. The trend never stop changing so it’s important that you both follow the trend and still preserve your hair as well. One of the best solutions is using hair extensions which are very convenient and affordable. You can apply the same care if you use shoulder length hair extensions to follow the trend without changing your natural hair much like cutting or curling. Like hair extensions natural color also need taking care and protecting in the right ways.

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