23 Aug


For many people, going from long hair to short hair is not an easy decision. Nevertheless, many V-biz stars have bravely decided to change their look with short hair. Let’s see how they leave impression on others with short hairstyle!

Toc Tien

For many years, pixie hairstyle has become Toc Tien’s own distinct characteristics. However, few people know that she was a lovely girl who was famous for her long ruffled hair extensions when taking the first steps in entering showbiz many years ago. When she returned from a study trip, many fans were surprised at her new look and enjoyed it too much.


In fact, pixie haircut plays an very important role in building her distinct image. This change creates the image of a young, dynamic and sexy singer, which make great contributions to success in her career . Pixie haircut is so suitable for Toc Tien that some humorous netizens even claims, “If you completely desire to know how to change your appearance, just ask Toc Tien”.

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Van Mai Huong

In spite of being born in 1994, Van Mai Huong often receives negative comments that her fashion taste makes her look older than her actual age. Additionally, long hair extensions make the 21-year-old singer look older, too. To respond to such comments, she decides to renew her style by cutting off her long hair to short hair and dye it bright yellow.


Short same-length hair really suits Van Mai Huong. She receives many praises for her new hairstyle as it brings a feeling of youthfulness. Thanks to this change, the singer becomes more dynamic and more modern than ever. Along with the change in hairstyle, there is a positive change in the way she dresses.

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Bui Bich Phuong

Bui Bich Phuong, often called as Bich Phuong Idol, has always kept the image of a charming female singer with long hair for years. However, she recently shares that she has said goodbye to her long hair which has been attached to her for over 10 years to change her image in her fans’ eyes. This decision surprises many fans because they are too accustomed to her in long hair.


Her short hairstyle flaunts a sexy and seductive look in her MVs while it makes her look youthful and dynamic in real life. Especially, the singers always try to transform herself with different styles of short hair like short wavy hair, bob hair and ombre hair.

Thanh Tam

Thanh Tam is another beauty with perfect short hairstyle that we can not fail to mention. In 2015, she posted on Facebook a picture when she was in a hair salon to have her long hair cut, which gives pleasure to many fans.


Thanks to her beautiful face, Thanh Tam can fit well with many different hairstyles. Nevertheless, it can not be denied that short hair brings a whole new look to her as it helps her to get out of the appellation “hot girl”. After deciding to cut off her long hair to short hair, the mother of two children tries her best to build the image of a mature, irresistible, luxurious and elegant woman instead of pursuing personality style. Up to now, the beauty is still loyal with short hair.

They have changed and they have been successful. What about you?

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